The U.S. senior living industry serves more than 1 million residents in more than 40,000 independent, assisted living, and memory care communities nationwide.

The J.D. Power Senior Living Certification recognizes the contributions such communities have made in improving quality of life for both older adults and family caregivers. It also recognizes the need to provide those same consumers with the valuable information to make an informed decision when choosing a community.

Benefits of J.D. Power Senior Living Community Certification

  1. Allows any senior living community to have access to J.D. Power best practices and insights developed for senior living providers. These best practices include senior living operations that exceed customer expectations, optimize overall satisfaction, and increase customer advocacy and loyalty.
  2. Measures the voice of your customer to benchmark your performance relative to other senior living providers.
  3. Ability to learn from top performing communities on how they are exceeding customer expectations
  4. Opportunity to receive recognition for excellence—promote an “Outstanding Customer Service Experience” to prospective residents and their decision-makers.

How It Works

Step One

Documentation Agreement is signed.

Each property within your organization will receive a copy of the following (regardless of whether they will be pursuing certification):

  1. Senior Living Community Certification Questionnaire 
    These questions represent J.D. Power’s best research practices and input from the senior living industry. It includes various performance metrics (attributes rated on a 1-10 scale, Overall Satisfaction and Loyalty/Advocacy measures) and Key Performance Indicators (behavioral metrics that drive Overall Satisfaction, Advocacy and Loyalty).

  2. Certification Audit Criteria/Scorecard
    These are best practices that drive overall satisfaction, advocacy and loyalty defined by J.D. Power, industry experts and our Client Advisory Board. These are the answers to the test so that your organization can undertake a selfaudit. This program is not meant to set your organization up for non-compliance. Each organization will receive a copy of the Audit Scorecard as part of this step and will then review and compare those standards to its internal processes. These best practices are the key drivers of Overall Satisfaction, Advocacy, and Loyalty.

  3. 2018 Senior Living Industry Market Share Report
    The comprehensive report outlining industry trends produced by J.D. Power and CRISIL. The J.D. Power team will give each organization time to review this information internally.

There is no commitment beyond Step One if a Senior Living organization is not prepared to pursue the next two steps.

Step Two—Voice of the Customer Research Study

This step in the J.D. Power solution captures the Voice of the Customer; J.D. Power will be surveying your residents and/or the decision-makers about their experience.

Each organization will provide us, via secure FTP site, with the first name, last name, email address, and community name for your residents and/or adult-children/decisionmakers. The J.D. Power research team will field the survey instrument in Step Two. J.D. Power will analyze the data and provide the organization with performance and behavioral metrics, benchmarked against the industry average and other certified communities.

Each organization will receive a deep-dive analysis detailing its performance against the industry and other certified community averages. This report enables organizations to understand how Senior Living providers perform relative to the performance metrics and Key Performance metrics fielded by J.D. Power. The deep-dive includes performance scores and KPI break-point analysis so that the organization can quantify performance and adopt the same best practices communicated to the rest of the industry.

Any organization that manages more than one community will also receive a Community Scorecard outlining performance for all communities measured—performance metrics and KPIs.

J.D. Power will participate in a 2-hour webinar with your team to review the results.

Step Three—On-site Audit

Using a predetermined set of criteria developed by J.D. Power and its industry experts, an auditor will conduct an on-site review at the community for a one-day to document the behavioral metrics that drive Overall Satisfaction, Advocacy and Loyalty based on the Voice of the Customer. During that time on site, J.D. Power will conduct interviews among the staff and observe and document the best practices within the audit scorecard.

Communities will receive a report at the end of this step outlining their best practices and opportunities to improve their performance. Audited organizations must demonstrate performance of at least 80% of the criteria listed on the scorecard to successfully pass the on-site audit step.

J.D. Power will participate in a 2-hour webinar with your team to review the results.

Step Four—Certification and Licensing

An organization that successfully passes both the On-Site Audit and Voice of the Customer Research Study will be considered as J.D. Power Certified® and have the option to license the accolade: the image of the J.D. Power Certified® logo on its website, sales/ marketing materials, and/or collateral within its communities.

The study identified 14 Key Performance Indicators or behaviors within communities that have a direct impact on overall satisfaction. These KPI’s are not quantified via performance metrics; these behaviors either happen or they do not happen.