2015 Roundtable of Champions | SPEAKERS

The ROC will deliver paradigm-challenging insights from J.D. Power contact center experts and big-thinkers from the world of customer service including the following guest speakers:


TO SERVE: The Emerging Strategic Imperative of Purpose

Vafa Akhavan
NueBridge llc, previously CEO of The Forum Corporation, Head of Global Customer Operations at McGraw Hill, and prior head of consulting at J.D. Power

“This is nothing short of a spiritual journey for the bank to find its purpose in society,” said the new Chairman and CEO at one of the top 5 global banks. The bank had lost its way, been mired in law suits for money laundering, libor fixing, and more. Post 2008 the public began to think of banks as they did of tobacco companies. The new leader knew that they had to start at the beginning by recognizing why the bank existed in the first place. At the heart of this recognition was service to others, the bank existed to serve, to serve its customers, employees, and owners.

In this session, Vafa Akhavan intends to explore the genome of customer experience, the human dimension, as the primary fuel for re-inventing customer experience not as part of an evolutionary journey in the space, rather as a totally new and independent track of thinking.


Delta Air Lines – Overcoming Challenges on Their Path to Certification

Dennis Dixon
Director Strategic Planning and Customer Experience, Delta Air Lines

Dennis Dixon will provide the provocative “flight pattern” that Delta undertook that led to the J.D. Power certification of their Elite Group, and enabled the implementation of their superior customer service model: “Listen. Care. Connect.” Delta will discuss the challenges inherent to the fluid and complex airline industry, how the dealt with call and caller diversity, language barriers, the integration of their alliances into the experience, and ultimately how Delta overcame them. Dennis will share Delta’s drive for continuous improvement, highlighted by feedback on areas of strength and opportunity uncovered during the J.D. Power certification preparation proc ess. The session promises to be filled with practical insights on how a large and complex business can change to improve their performance and their customer’s experience.


Your Customer Rules! Delivering the Me2B Experiences That Today's Customers Demand

Bill Price
President, Driva Solutions, first Global VP of Customer Service at Amazon.com

Contact center and customer experience veteran Bill Price will share with us the findings of the interviews and research that he and his co-author conducted that produced “the hierarchy of 7 customer needs” and a total of 40 sub-needs that lead to great customer experiences. He will turn on its ear the well-used expressions B2C and B2B, replacing them with the decidedly customer-centric expression Me2B since, as he puts it, “Believe it! The customer really is in charge.” He will also present the “4 foundations” required to produce and address these customer needs and sub-needs, and he will provide insights into how these same needs apply equally to delivering the Me2B experiences that today’s employees demand.

Bill Price was Amazon’s 1st Global VP of Customer Service and now runs an advisory firm called Driva Solutions, is a Partner with “Big Data” analytics company Antuit, chairs the Global Operations Council of 40 companies, and teaches Marketing and Global Business for MBA students.

How Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Technology and Operations Group Improves the Customer Experience While Reducing Costs

Chris Dubey
SVP, Global Commercial Fulfillment and Service Executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Technology and Operations

Today’s organizations are continually challenged to improve the client experience while reducing expenses given limited margin, highly competitive industries and soaring customer expectations. Hear how Bank of America Merrill Lynch Corporate and Commercial Services Group approaches client delight objectives while reducing cost through efficiency and productivity initiatives. Discussion will include quality and productivity strategies impacting first contact resolution, task and average handle time reduction, and client satisfaction. This discussion will be led by Chris Dubey along with other Bank of America Merrill Lynch leadership of multiple B2B and B2C service centers who have achieved J.D. Power certification.


Back to Basics: Utilizing WFM Principles to Impress Customers and Cut Costs

Jay Minnucci
President, Service Agility, former head of performance improvement consulting at ICMI

Customer expectations continue to evolve, and in meeting these new challenges contact centers have become increasingly complex. Single-skilled operations have transformed into multi-skilled environments, inbound-only centers have added outbound, email, chat and social media, and service based organizations now expect contact centers to deliver sales, capture additional methods of customer contact and meet a growing body of compliance regulations – on every single call. In this session, Jay Minnucci will break down how a back to basics approach to Workforce Management (WFM) can help simplify this new world. Participants will discover:

  • The link between WFM and customer satisfaction
  • The power of highly accurate forecasts
  • Old school metrics that help manage the new reality
  • Ways to strengthen the link between WFM and contact center frontline leadership

Keynote Address – Optimizing Customer Experience by Maximizing Authentic Connection

Ted Nardin
President, Ideal Dialogue Company

James Keaten Ph.D.
Professor of Communication Studies, University of Northern Colorado; Chief Science Officer, Ideal Dialogue Company

Armed with the latest output from neuroscience research, landmark studies, and industry experience Ted Nardin, President of Ideal Dialogue, will provide thought-provoking, innovative, and fresh insight into what could be your greatest challenge to optimizing customer experience… authentic connection. Be prepared to set your long held assumptions about our industry aside and immerse yourself in the science of human communication.


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2015 Roundtable of Champions




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