October 20-22, 2015 • Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada      #JDPAAMR

2015 J.D. Power AMR Agenda

Please note that the Agenda is tentative. Check back for updates.

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 Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2:00 p.m. Registration Opens

4:15 p.m. Keynote Speaker: A Resurgent Cadillac Brand: Blending Passion and Technology To Create a New Model for Luxury Vehicle Ownership
Johan de Nysschen, President, Cadillac

Q&A: Arianne Walker, Senior Director, Automotive Media & Marketing Solutions, J.D. Power



5:15 p.m. Marketing Leaders Discuss Industry Challenges
Key marketing leaders discuss current challenges related to digital marketing and creative solutions to them after leaving automotive brands and agencies. Their perspectives will be candid and insightful as they share their thoughts on the major digital marketing issues of tomorrow. Each leader has a unique perspective on marketing, as well as direct experience guiding their previous companies’ efforts.

Moderator: Arianne Walker, Senior Director, Automotive Media & Marketing Solutions, J.D. Power

Michael Accavitti, Executive Marketing and Automotive Consultant
Ian Beavis, Chief Strategy Officer, AMCI Global
Linda Pesonen, Linda Pesonen Consulting, LLC
James Sanfilippo, Marketing Consultant
Fred Sattler, Senior Vice President, MediaLink

6:00 p.m.-
8:00 p.m.
AMR Kickoff Gala
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 Wednesday, October 21, 2015

7:00 a.m. Networking Breakfast

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8:00 a.m. Welcome and Announcements

8:15 a.m. Automotive Industry Review
Thomas King, Vice President, PIN U.S. OEM Operations, Media and Marketing, J.D. Power

8:45 a.m. Media and Marketing Review
Arianne Walker, Senior Director, Automotive Media & Marketing Solutions, J.D. Power

9:15 a.m. Marketing to Tech-Centric Buyers
What should marketers consider to quickly harness mobile shopping, Internet research, and an appetite for tech in vehicles in order to position themselves strongly to reach tech-centric buyers? Hear from CNET’s automotive experts on how to engage, influence, and remain relevant with Millennials.

Moderator: Brian Cooley, Editor-at-Large, CNET

Upton Bowden, Marketing and Technology Planning, Visteon Corporation
Kristin Kolodge, Executive Director of Driver Interaction & HMI, J.D. Power
Danny Shapiro, Senior Director of Automotive, NVIDIA
Tim Stevens, Editor, CNET
Steven Szakaly, Chief Economist, NADA

10:00 a.m. Networking Break

10:45 a.m.Advertising Platforms

PMP: Easy as 1, 2, 3?
The shift to programmatic media buying is happening so quickly that many advertisers, agencies, and publishers are having difficulty keeping up. Private Marketplaces offer a happy middle ground for advertisers wanting to buy premium inventory and preferred access from endemic publishers, but there are associated challenges. Andy Jacobson, SVP of Sales from AutoGuide leads a panel of experts in a discussion of what this shift means and identifies related challenges and how to overcome them.

Moderator: Andy Jacobson, SVP of Sales, AutoGuide.com Group

Mike Kellogg, Vice President, Revenue Management & Sales Strategy, Cars.com
Ruslan Polinovsky, Regional Marketing Manager, Scion Division, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Julie Sterling, Head of Automotive Partnerships, Google
Ken Van Every, Business Development Manager, DataXu

Automotive Gets Automated
Get in on the ground floor as xAd, and an agency discuss programmatic location buying, which is the newest way to gain a competitive edge in mobile. Now you can expertly sift through the clutter of an ever-growing pool of mobile impressions to focus on value and deliver real-world results. Learn about real campaign success by discovering how an OEM targets and influences in-market buyers programmatically and how the medium is ready for prime time. 

Monica Ho, Senior Vice President of Marketing, xAd
John Mansell, VP Marketplace Development, MAGNA Global

Mazda’s Core Target: Activating, Modeling and Optimizing for ROI
Hear a discussion of how Mazda uses data and statistical modeling to define and influence it's core targets in real time, and increase marketing ROI.

Stacy Fairbanks, Manager of Media Communications, Mazda North American Operations
Richard Frankel, President, Rocket Fuel
Olga Weinraub, VP, Media Director, Garage Team Mazda

Achieving Quality at Scale with Native Advertising
Automotive brands are seeing early success with native advertising, but questions remain about this emerging category. Justin Choi, CEO of Nativo—a native advertising platform—joins Jason Chambers, VP of business intelligence at Magna Global in a presentation of the marketing challenges that matter most for automotive brands, including scale, measurement, and content optimization. 

Justin Choi, Founder and CEO, Nativo
Jason Chambers, Vice President, Business and Audience Insights, Cadreon

Q&A with 15 min presenters

  Marketing Mix and Targeting Strategies

How Auto Brands Can Leverage Automation with High Impact Creative
Auto has always been known for big, bold, beautiful ads. Today, more marketers in the auto category are spreading their wings by entering the digital media mix. They are moving beyond desktop display and into programmatic, working across screens, and exploring the power of mobile ad marketing. Join us as a major Auto brand, Auto-focused agency strategists and a mobile ad tech leader discuss the art of using data to power big creative ideas, deploy and optimize them to maximum effect, and how to leverage the new tools set for engagement-riveting mobile.

Moderator: Kimberly Smith, General Manager, Mobile, Flashtalking

Kelly Burke, VP, Group Media Director, Scion, Optimedia US
Jeanann Grubbs, Digital Account Director, Kia, David & Goliath
Adam Levitt, Digital Management Supervisor, Honda In-Market, RPA

Online Video: The Test Drive before the Test Drive
When shopping for a vehicle, many buyers view vehicle videos online to help determine which model they will purchase; however, few brands create the type of videos buyers prefer. Find out how buyers use online video in their purchase decision and learn strategies to make effective vehicle videos.

James Reutershan, Insights and Strategy Lead for Luxury Automotive, Google

The Impact of Digital Advertising on Dealership Visits and Why Greek Yogurt Matters
By understanding the purchase intent’ of likely buyers, MaxPoint designed a campaign focused on desired demographics and interests in High Responsive Neighborhoods around the luxury brand’s dealerships. This panel discusses the step-by-step process of structuring a digital advertising program that goes beyond raising awareness to driving foot traffic into dealers.

John King, Director, Automotive, MaxPoint Interactive
MaryTyler McNider, Associate Director, Lincoln, Hudson Rouge

Hitting a Bullseye: Using Location Data to Target a Personalized Audience
Automotive buyers have gone mobile and so has automotive marketing. Mobile is the only channel that moves with consumers, and location data offers opportunities to make the most of mobile technologies to deliver personalized messaging that drives awareness, consideration, and sales.

Loren Hillberg, President & GM, ThinkNear
Wendy Albers, Associate Media Director, Digital Communications, Ford, Team Detroit

Q&A with 15 min presenters

  The Retail Experience

Leveraging Data for a More Profitable Retail Customer Experience
The modern enterprise marketer faces the challenge of connecting fragmented analytics initiatives across dozens (and in some cases, hundreds) of different business groups and teams. This is particularly true across the automotive “tiered” ecosystem. Drawing from Merkle’s work with companies like Costco, T-Mobile, and others, we’ll be discussing strategies focused on driving Fortune 500 companies up the analytics maturity curve and increasing return on data investments.

Mike Zell, VP of Strategy, Site Analytics, Merkle
Mike Mojica, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Retail & Consumer Goods, Merkle

Text to Success: Using Text Messaging to Transform the Sales Process
Text leads are more likely to close—and faster. Every business needs a texting strategy, especially if it wants to reach Millennials. This presentation highlights best practices and key learnings based on the texting experiences of more than 3,500 dealers, including 17 of the 25 largest dealer groups in the country.

Seth Berkowitz, President, Edmunds.com Inc.

Customer Engagement 3.0: Using iPads to Elevate the Retail Experience
DCH Auto Group is committed to providing a superior customer-driven sales process. Equipping sales teams in their Evolution sales process dealerships with iPads is revolutionizing the dynamic of the customer/sales relationship. Join this interactive session to see how to take customer engagement to Level 3.0.

Jim Hughes, Co-Founder, IntellaCar
Kraig Quisenberry, Director of Sales, DCH Auto Group

Scale Your Business Profitably by Taking Digital Data and Retail Marketing Beyond New Vehicle Acquisition
Learn how to operationalize and exploit your customer data to target customers through digital advertising to increase profitable service revenue, deepen your personal customer-dealer relationship throughout the ownership lifecycle as well as retain and scale the number of customers as they return to the vehicle marketplace as active shoppers.

Ryan Grokulsky, Digital Marketing Strategist, Strategy & Analytics, DMEautomotive

12:15 p.m. Networking Lunch
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1:30 p.m.MultiTier and MultiCultural Marketing

Why Hispanic Americans Are the Most Receptive Audience for Automotive Marketers
The Hispanic American consumer marketplace is growing in size, prominence, and, thus, influence. Automotive brands must pay attention to the specific needs and interests of this group if they want to remain competitive. Viant and NBC Universal will explain how automotive brands can leverage key marketing tools and insights to reach the Hispanic-American audience as they navigate across devices.

Jacqueline Hernández, CMO, Hispanic Enterprises and Content, NBCUniversal
Jon Schulz, CMO, Viant Inc.

How the Mobile Experience is Changing the Automotive Market in LATAM
It is important that dealers and retail marketers know how to innovate and achieve maximum efficiency. This session addresses how the use of mobile devices has influenced millions of customers during the car-buying process and dealers during the planning and sales process in Latin America.

Sylvio de Barros, CEO, iCarros

Video Best Practices Across Tiers and Devices
Join a panel of experts as they discuss how video can be best used to deliver the right message to the right person in the right environment as well as how to measure whether a video met intended objectives. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive valuable advice about an aspect of the automotive marketing mix that is rapidly growing in importance and changing just as quickly.

Moderator: Rick Wainschel, VP, Customer Analytics & Insights, Kelley Blue Book

Erin Camin, Media Director, Lincoln/Mercury, Hudson Rouge
Ariane Gut, Head of Insights and Analytics, Tremor Video
Kyle Lebet, Associate Media Director, 22squared
Aleck Schleider, VP Data & Analytics, Videology

Q&A with 15 min presenters

  Data Measurement and Attribution

Optimizing Your Digital & TV Campaigns - With Superior Intent & Sales Data
Transform how you evaluate and optimize digital and TV campaign performance by connecting real-time car-shopper consideration data with dealer-sales metrics. This panel will explore the marketing strategies, analytics, and technology that will enable you to get a better view into your purchase funnel and to optimize your campaigns while they’re running.

Moderator: Damian Garbaccio, Chief Strategy Officer, eXelate, A Nielsen Company

Mark Brown, Managing Director, Hyundai/Kia, Initiative
Joe Cashen, Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics, Nissan North America
Jim Lombard, Head of Advertising, ROKU
Mark Sneathen, Managing Director, Nielsen
Lauren Wiener, President, Global Sales and Marketing at Tremor Video

Managing Multi-Channel Mayhem: How Auto Marketers Leverage Customer Data to Reach Connected Consumers
Consumers are hyper-connected, using mobile, Web, and in-person research throughout their shopping journey and are sending signals about themselves every step of the way. Leaders from the automotive industry advise on managing multi-channel mayhem to leverage customer data, adding value to marketing efforts, and creating seamless experiences.

Moderator: Jonathan Ricard, Senior Vice President, Sales, Signal

Brian Archey, Director of Analytics and Dealer Reporting, Cars.com
Jon Beebe, Director, Digital Advertising & Analytics (Global), General Motors
Charles Miller, Manager, Insights & Analytics, Dealer.com

  MultiChannel Marketing

Moving Metal: Bridging The Gap and Marketing to Tier 1.5
In today's automotive marketing, there is a gap between the emotional, brand-focused messaging of Tier 1 and the timely regional communication of Tier 2. With data-driven creative that is personalized and delivered to the right audience, you eliminate the gap and use video—including that beautiful creative—to tailor your message to the individuals buying your cars. Join Eyeview and TriHonda Dealers Advertising Association for a discussion on how to drive both brand and dealer results in video and move more metal.

Lee Certilman, Board of Directors, Secretary of TriHonda Dealer Advertising Association; President, Dealer Principal, Nardy Honda Smithtown
Oren Harnevo, Chief Executive Officer, Eyeview

Better Together: How Brands and Publishers Unite to Educate Auto Shoppers
The proliferation of devices and content makes developing relevant messaging more important than ever. How are publishers and brands working together to create content that provides maximum value and ROI? Jumpstart Automotive Group deep dives into best practices in creating content that’s good for the publisher, good for the advertiser, and good for the consumer—across every screen.

Laura Schooling, Chief Marketing Officer, Jumpstart Automotive Group
Eddie Alterman, Editor-in-Chief, Car and Driver

From Awareness to Purchase: The Journey of the Automotive Shopper and their Multi-Channel Experience
While the shopping cycle for the automotive industry is constantly shrinking, it still requires weeks or months of research and multiple resources to end at a purchase. Industry leaders in multi-channel and cross-device solutions will talk through the ways each channel is viewed, measured, and attributed to help marketers understand the best way to create and view their marketing programs.

Moderator: Scott Martino, Manager, Marketing Analytics and Consumer Insights, US, Audi of America

Christian Fuller, Chief Relationship Officer, Search Optics
Nadine Jarrard, VP, Sales - West, Opera Mediaworks
Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Founder & CEO, Drawbridge

2:40 p.m. Networking Break  

3:25 p.m. Elite Sponsor Presentation: The Tierless Future
Matt Murray, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Dealertrack
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3:45 p.m. Keynote Speaker: Driving Engagement to Drive Growth
Join Jeremy Tucker, VP, Marketing Communications & Media, Nissan North America, as he discusses Nissan’s growth in the U.S. market and how making the right marketing choices is helping to propel the brand forward. “Driving Engagement to Drive Growth” at Nissan means deploying a fewer, bigger, better, best strategy. The team at Nissan is busy identifying big cultural moments that resonate with consumers in an emotional manner. Meeting consumers on their terms, where they want to engage, ultimately enhances brand opinion, and can provide a boost to the bottom line.

Jeremy Tucker, Vice President, Marketing Communications and Media, Nissan Motor Corporation

Q&A: Thomas King, Vice President, PIN U.S. OEM Operations, Media and Marketing, J.D. Power

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Search Optics

4:25 p.m. 

Keynote Speaker: It Doesn’t Get More Mobile Than This: Why Consumers Choose the Human Connection
While discussions about the mobile experience focus on apps and other digital marketing solutions, it is important to understand the consumer.  Looking through that lens — and given the precipitous drop in TV viewing — what are the most effective marketing approaches?  Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia, Inc., explains what sets radio apart — and why consumers consider it an automotive "must-have."

Bob Pittman, Chairman & CEO, iHeartMedia, Inc.

Q&A: Deirdre Borrego, Vice President, General Manager, U.S. Automotive Division

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5:00 p.m. Closing Remarks

5:00 p.m. -
8:00 p.m.
 Hyde Nightclub Party sponsored by: Drawbridge, Maxpoint, xAd and Turn

 Thursday, October 22, 2015

9:45 a.m. Brunch  

10:15 a.m. Announcements

10:20 a.m. Keynote Speaker: Youtility
Smart marketing is about help, not hype. If you’re wondering how to make your company seem more exciting, you’re asking the wrong question. You’re not only competing for attention against other similar products, you’re also competing against your customers’ friends and family, viral videos, and cute puppies. To win attention these days, you must ask a different question: “How can we help?”

Jay Baer, President, Convince & Convert

Q&A: Roman Lesnau, Senior Director, Global Automotive, J.D. Power

11:00 a.m. Threats, Vulnerabilities, and the Connected Car
The connected car brings a world of marketing opportunities and vehicle safety features. This isn't your father's Oldsmobile—it's a network and server on wheels. We'll look at the connected car through a cyber security lens and assess the industry's responsibility and readiness to protect our consumers and our brands.

Moderator: Jim Foote, Chief Business Security Officer, CDK Global

Dave Austin, Chief Technology Officer, Berkshire Hathaway Automotive
Saylor Frase, President and CEO, Nuspire Networks
Thejo Kote, CEO, Automatic
Tim Vidas, Sr. Security Researcher, Office of the CTO / Counter Threat Unit, Dell SecureWorks

11:30 a.m. Networking Break 

12:00 p.m. Five Steps to Driving Proven Results by Connecting the Customer Experience throughout the Funnel and across Tiers
Learn how Lexus and Team One have integrated data across sales, CRM, media, and websites in order to connect audiences throughout the funnel across channels and tiers. These simple steps cover everything you need from the people, the data, tools and infrastructure, the process, the results, and operationalizing the program.

Cathy Gribble, Director, Digital Strategy & Analytics, Team One
Nada Kabbani, Director, CRM Strategy & Analytics, Team One
Jeanice Lee, National Social and Digital Manager, Lexus

12:30 p.m. Advanced Safety Recall
This session will detail the innovative work that was done to help an OEM with a major safety recall retool its significant marketing muscle to drive repairs rather than sales. It will include information on what needs to be done; what to watch out for; and what worked and what did not in leveraging data, analytics, and marketing communications to drive and meet NHTSA’s new safety recall expectations.

Michael Spadafore, Managing Director, Acxiom Automotive

1:00 p.m. 

Location, Location, Location
Potential customers are looking for you from their mobile device using apps, maps, search, and social media. Find out what you may not know about the intricacies of being found and making an impact when consumers are closest to making their vehicle purchase or service decisions and how you can ensure your location and contact information is just one click away for them.

Moderator: Famous Rhodes, VP Ecommerce, AutoNation

Tom Kenney, President & Chief Innovation Officer, Verve Mobile
Duncan McCall, CEO, PlaceIQ
Tim Zuckert, VP Enterprise Sales, Yext

1:30 p.m. Closing Remarks

1:35 p.m. -
3:00 p.m.
 Farewell Beer GardenSponsored by: