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J.D. Power Leverages Recent Acquisitions to Launch Next-Generation Automotive Data Products

Combined Capabilities Mean Enhanced Data for Entire Industry

J.D. Power, a global leader in data analytics and consumer intelligence, is relaunching three major automotive data products maintained by the company’s Autodata Solutions division. These include solutions for vehicle identification number (VIN) descriptions, inventory management, and payment and incentives data for digital retail and desking applications.

The launch of ChromeData VIN Descriptions and ChromeData Certified Inventory are the result of the combined capabilities formed by the artificial intelligence (AI) and VIN-data engineering aptitude of EpiAnalytics, the comprehensive inventory management platform from Inventory Command Center (ICC) and the 30-year vehicle ChromeData catalog. The relaunch of ChromeData Lender Desk is a result of a major data expansion and upgrades to the offering that address the industry’s need for pricing and payment accuracy.

These developments allow J.D. Power to offer next-generation data products to the automotive industry. Each of these products offer seamless integration with the full ChromeData solution suite.

“Our recent acquisitions have elevated our leading ChromeData VIN Descriptions to a place where we provide exceptionally precise data for all the features, options, packages and equipment on a specific VIN, even in instances where use of OEM build data is not an option,” said Craig Jennings, president of the Autodata Solutions Division of J.D. Power. “This high-resolution data is being used in conjunction with our ChromeData Lender Desk service to provide precise pricing and payments for digital retailing, desking and loan origination and with our ChromeData Certified Inventory service to provide accurate branded vehicle listings across the industry.”

EpiAnalytics, a leader in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform unstructured data into critical business intelligence, was acquired by J.D. Power in March 2021. The company already had differentiated itself in the marketplace by delivering highly detailed, comprehensive vehicle build specification data associated with the 17-digit VIN.

“With online car shopping on the rise, the need for a definitive source to determine how vehicles are actually equipped as they roll off the production line is needed now more than ever,” said Jim Vecchio, head of VIN Products at J.D. Power. “We’ve taken our AI and machine learning capabilities and combined them with our comprehensive vehicle catalog data to deliver the industry’s most complete and accurate VIN decoding on the market today.”

ChromeData VIN Descriptions
ChromeData VIN Descriptions accurately identify and describe vehicles based on their VIN. Powered by deep and comprehensive vehicle data, configuration rules and industry-leading data-engineering capabilities, ChromeData VIN Descriptions are fully configurable and available in a tiered approach to provide precise data needed to serve—and streamline—the demands of a business and its operations.

ChromeData Lender Desk
ChromeData Lender Desk is a multi-level API data service solution that facilitates instant access to all OEM rates, rebates, incentives and independent lenders to power more effective vehicle advertising and better consumer experiences—whether it involves researching, shopping or purchasing in-store or online. No other service offers comprehensive, accurate and timely incentive and lender data at the same level of seamless integration.

ChromeData Certified Inventory
ChromeData Certified Inventory delivers consistent vehicle listings for effective digital merchandising. Integrated with hundreds of dealer inventory feed providers, our platform ingests data from dealer sources, consolidating disparate data feeds from multiple sources to create complete, normalized and comprehensive inventory records. These records include price mapping, vehicle data, photos, video, comments and more.

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