U.S. Home Insurance Study

How can insurers stay ahead of customers’ evolving expectations?

Homeowners and Renters insurance customer satisfaction reached a new record high in 2018 and insures with improved digital offerings, interactions, and attractive bundling options achieve the highest degree of satisfaction, retention, and advocacy. However, the ability of insurers to maintain these high levels of customer satisfaction will continue to be tested by the growing crop of “insurtech” start-ups and on-demand insurance options capitalizing on the digital-first mentality of todays’ customers. How do insurers understand and keep up with evolving expectations of their home insurance customers?

The U.S. Home Insurance Study incorporates insights about customer digital preferences and trends along with information on how customer satisfaction impacts the profitability of an insurance company; how each service event in the relationship between a customer and their insurer impacts their overall perception of the company; and critical service standards that drive higher satisfaction.


  • Customized executive presentation and strategy session that provides data-driven, actionable recommendations for achieving strategic goals
  • Executive briefing document highlighting key trends and insights across the industry
  • Scorecard benchmarking firm performance compared with the industry across key drivers of satisfaction
  • Competitive survey data and industry reports
  • Analytical tools for performance insights and competitive peer comparisons
  • Access to J.D. Power’s proprietary interactive reporting interface