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X DATA QUALITY CHECK At PIN delivering value is our primary objective. A critical and final step in the on-boarding process is the Data Quality check. Once this step is complete your dealer reports can be published.
1. For this step we take three deals by stock # which we have received from your F&I data push – this is our only connection with you - and we ask your contact (Office Manager/Controller or someone else*) to pull the same three deals in Accounting, where we have no visibility.
2. We compare them for these measures: Price, Cost, and Front-End Gross; then check if Holdback, Pack and Trade Allowance are built into the cost.
A very important detail about this call: the contact we speak with must be knowledgeable in explaining the differences between the data in the three F&I deals and what is shown for the same three deals in the Accounting New and Used Sales Journal posting details.
The actual Data Quality Check usually takes only ten minutes for someone comfortable in explaining the Accounting New and Used Sales Journal posting details. Your unique dealership template will be based on this information.
Data Quality Contact: Office Manager/Controller: