Jenny Watson is a Digital & Performance Marketing Expert. Her specialties include executive management, turnaround and transformation experience, digital marketing and operations including search engine marketing, digital and display advertising, partnerships, email marketing, direct mail, social and reputation management, and search engine optimization. Jenny is customer centric and helps bridge the gap between the online and offline customer experiences and evaluating the effectiveness of the marketing investment.

Previously, she was the vice president of digital and direct marketing for AutoNation, America’s largest automotive retailer, consisting of more than 300 new vehicle franchises. Her reputation as a dynamic digital transformation executive in eCommerce and online retail has guided AutoNation in becoming the leading tech heavyweight they are today. Watson has held a number of global executive marketing and operational roles and holds an outstanding track record in U.S. and China. She has the ability to quickly identify growth opportunities and develop strategies to mitigate risks to business performance. She is known throughout the automotive industry for her strategic thinking and her “roll up your sleeves and execute” mentality. In addition, Watson continuously demonstrates her exceptional cross-functional and global leadership experience combined with her management expertise for P&L’s of over $1 billion and marketing budgets of over $100 million.