Health Insurance: Performance Improvement


Health insurance companies that listen to their members and prioritize actions to satisfy their expectations are more likely to directly impact overall ROI. But, how can carriers identify what their members truly want?

We know that anticipating member needs and their constantly evolving expectations is a challenge that many organizations struggle with. Health insurance companies need a way to simplify the member experience; to effectively measure and manage the health plan member journey, and properly analyze and disseminate the right information to the most appropriate levels of the organization to help set priorities, drive continuous improvement, and measure success while maintaining profitability.

Let J.D. Power show you the way.

Looking for advisement in a specific area? J.D. Power offers the following performance improvement solutions and resources:

Customer Experience Management
CX Global
CX Choosing the right partner
Member Experience
Digital Solutions
Digital Audit, Assessment, and Suite of Service
Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score Measurement and Improvement
Three Types of NPS®
How to Build Superior Confidence in NPS® Accuracy
Advisory Solutions
Customer Service Solutions
Customer Journey Mapping
Member Experience
Medicare Advantage Star Rating Improvement Program

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