Canada Dealer of Excellence Disclaimer

Incentives A Rubiks Cube For Auto Dealers According To Automotive News

Program Description

J.D. Power is pleased to offer the J.D. Power Dealer of Excellence program.  Dealer of Excellence recognizes top performing sales satisfaction retailers who meet or exceed J.D. Power sales standards and best practices.   These standards are derived from our annual J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) study.   The SSI study measures individual brand performance and assesses how consumers value dealership processes with inventory, facility, personnel, negotiation, finance and insurance and delivery of their new vehicle.

Dealers that achieve J.D. Power Dealer of Excellence recognition may promote their certification both in the showroom and online. Annual certification may be renewed at twelve-month intervals based on continued adherence to program standards.

Standards and Criteria

Who is eligible?

Pre-Qualified New Vehicle Automotive Dealerships in Canada

Pre-Qualification Criteria: J.D. Power limits the percentage of eligible dealerships based on their rank performance in their brand customer satisfaction measurement programs consistent with measurements found in the SSI study.  On average, J.D. Dealer of Excellence certification is limited to the top 20% of sales satisfaction dealers nationally.

To become certified as J.D. Power Dealer of Excellence, Pre-Qualified Automotive Dealers must then achieve a 75% or higher score on an in-person dealership audit conducted by J.D. Power.  This audit evaluates dealers against sales standards focused on inventory and pricing transparency.

Dealers of Excellence who achieve certification for multiple years are identified as follows:

  • 2 Years: Silver Dealer of Excellence
  • 3 Years: Gold Dealer of Excellence
  • 4 Years: Platinum Dealer of Excellence
  • 5 Years or more: Diamond Dealer of Excellence

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