OEM EV App Benchmark Study


With electric vehicle (EV) development on the rise, automakers are challenged to deliver a high-quality user experience that is now reliant upon more, and unique, distinct mobile app use cases and customer requirements. Despite considerable effort and significant investment in developing mobile apps for use with an EV, many apps are falling short of automakers’ hype. For EV owners, the negative consequences of not delivering on what’s promised within an app experience can be very disappointing, as these apps function to inform owners of critical EV information including remaining range, charging station locations, charge schedules and options, pre-departure route planning or just the current charging status.

The Solution

The J.D. Power U.S. OEM EV App Benchmark StudySM evaluates the user experience and best practices with automakers’ EV smartphone applications, providing a comprehensive standardized expert assessment of EV mobile apps from roughly 10 makes.

The study reviews apps from makes that offer Electric Vehicles (EVs). As EVs can offer more, and unique, use cases for the app, it is important for the user experience to align with the distinct EV customer requirements.

The Benefits

The OEM EV App Benchmark Study measures product performance and user experience, providing the information and tools needed to:

  • Compare strengths and weaknesses for high-volume model EV apps including feature offerings, customer journey, functions, usability and software
  • Measure user experience through quantitative data and objective expert criteria based on best practices, as well as a rankable Index Model
  • Identify areas of the EV app that are less competitive and/or difficult to use
  • Understand the details of misalignments in the EV app with customer requirements, supported with additional insights from a follow-up survey with some of the Initial Quality Study (IQS) participants
  • Detect opportunities for improvement from a customer experience perspective