Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study

According to J.D. Power research, charging station availability is a top barrier to the greater adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) as perceived by US consumers today. This was also a top barrier in 1997 when J.D. Power first studied consumer interest in electric vehicles. While more and more automakers shift resources to EVs, consumer demand will remain sluggish unless the public charging infrastructure becomes more readily accessible. But what is the make-up of an ideal public charging station experience?

The Solution

The all-new quarterly J.D. Power Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging StudySM, driven by PlugShare, provides “in-the-moment” consumer behavior, attitudes and satisfaction with the experience of using EV public charging stations in this rapidly changing environment. This new study utilizes the PlugShare app to capture the public charging experience as it happens. The study offers a unique view into the overall experience with the use, location of the charger, convenience, speed, safety and payment processing, among other critical elements experienced by EV owners. Additionally, when the experience does not go as planned and vehicle charging does not occur, the reasons for failure are further explored. Together, these insights will set the standard for benchmarking public charging station providers and drive improvement for a key component of EV market growth.

The Benefits

Study insights provide answers to the following key stakeholder questions, among others:

  • Public Charging Providers: How satisfied are consumers with our services? How do we rank among our competitors? What are areas that can be improved upon? How should we allocate investments to drive those improvement efforts? Who is doing it best? Where can we expand to increase EV usage?
  • Automakers: How satisfied are consumers with different public charging providers? Which charging networks do we want to encourage our customers to use and which ones do we want them to avoid? What vehicle-caused problems are consumers experiencing? How is the public infrastructure affecting EV sales?
  • Utilities: Which public charging providers are meeting their commitments? Where can we expand to increase EV usage?
  • Regulators: How satisfied are our citizens with our local public charging stations as compared to similar regions/ locations?
  • Companies that provide charging stations locations: What are consumers’ satisfaction levels with the public charging stations at our locations? How do we measure the performance of our public charging vendor?

The Awards

On an annual basis J.D. Power will aggregate the study data and present awards to the EV public charging providers that provide the highest levels of satisfaction. Awarded providers that subscribe to the study will have the opportunity to leverage their award publicly in advertising and marketing through the J.D. Power Award Licensing Program.