Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Home Charging Study

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Today, the majority of automakers are keenly focused on the development and production of electric vehicles (EVs). This has resulted in a surge of home charging providers seeking to partner with automakers and expand their presence within households across the country. With no shortage of competition, how do home charging providers compare against one another? What are the key factors that drive satisfaction with home charging stations?

The Solution

The annual J.D. Power Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Home Charging StudySM, driven by PlugShare, captures consumer attitudes, behaviors and satisfaction, setting the standard for benchmarking home charging station performance. As a means to explore the reasons behind EV customers’ home charging behaviors and attitudes, the study includes insight into when the charging station was bought, what brand was purchased, how it was installed, how the charging station is used, consumers’ charging habits and their overall satisfaction.

The Benefits

Study insights provide answers to the following key stakeholder questions, among others:

  • Home Charging Providers: How satisfied are consumers with our products? How do we compare against our competitors? What are areas that can be improved upon? How should we allocate investments to drive those improvement efforts?
  • Automakers: How satisfied are consumers with their OEM-provided chargers? How does this compare against independent competitors? How can we leverage behaviors and attitudes to better understand customer needs? Additionally, what charging problems are owners experiencing that are caused by the vehicle?
  • Utilities: Which home charging providers are meeting our commitments? How can an understanding of charging usage and behaviors help identify needs for infrastructure support? At the utility provider level, how do different providers facilitate the growth and usage of electricity for vehicle charging? Do incentives and special rate plans influence charging behavior?

The Awards

J.D. Power will present an award to the EV home charging provider that ranks highest in this study. Awarded providers that subscribe to the study will also have the opportunity to leverage their award publicly in advertising and marketing through the J.D. Power Award Licensing Program.