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In the competitive, regulated financial services sectors, customer experience is the key differentiator. J.D. Power combines Voice of Customer market research with a wealth of industry expertise to provide actionable market intelligence to help you compete.

J.D. Power in Australia conducts independently-funded, industry-wide unbiased studies for banking and credit card customer satisfaction and experience. Study subscribers are able to use the findings to identify and prioritise performance improvement initiatives that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction in order to protect and increase market share.

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Benchmark Studies


Our banking studies analyse retail banking customers’ satisfaction with their primary financial institution and the impact it has on bottom-line metrics, such as retention, loyalty, and advocacy. These studies provide critical benchmarking information and identifies the dominant factors that drive retail banking customer satisfaction. In addition to measuring customers’ perceptions of their bank’s ability to meet their expectations, these studies also provides a series of measurable and actionable KPIs for satisfying customers.

Credit Card

Now in its fifth year, J.D. Power's credit card benchmark studies examine customer satisfaction with the products and services provided by their primary credit card issuer. A subscription to these studies will help you identify and leverage key drivers of credit card satisfaction among Australian customers. You’ll also receive actionable insights about critical success factors like customer loyalty, advocacy and card usage.

Experts You Can Count On

Jim Miller
Jim Miller
Vice President, Global Banking & Payments
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Bronwyn Gill
Bronwyn Gill
Head of Banking and Payments Intelligence, Australia
Bronwyn's Bio
Craig Martin
Craig Martin
Managing Director, Wealth and Lending
Craig's Bio
James Houston
James Houston
Managing Director, Consumer Lending & Automotive Finance
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