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About our Industry Benchmarks

Each year, J.D. Power interacts with millions of consumers to better understand their opinions, perceptions, and expectations about a variety of products and services. Now, after nearly 50 years of analyzing the Voice of the Customer across more than a dozen industries and countries, J.D. Power is known globally as the customer experience benchmarking authority.

Our benchmarks help businesses stay informed of Voice of the Customer trends and opportunities. They’re designed entirely by J.D. Power research scientists to maintain our core values of integrity, independence and impact. Our proprietary customer index model powers our benchmarks. Through our proprietary index model, we identify the many drivers of customer experience, accurately measure and link their impact to business results, and uncover insights to drive positive financial results for our clients.

The J.D. Power Customer Experience Index Model

Brands covered in J.D. Power industry benchmarks either represent the entire industry or are selected based on market share. We work with an independent source to ensure all survey respondents are chosen at random, and that they actually have experience with a product or company they are rating. The survey asks respondents to evaluate all aspects of the customer journey for that industry. Based on these responses, we then determine the importance of each of these areas to create an “index” that quantifies the impact of the key factors in the customer journey on overall customer satisfaction.

Elements within each factor of the customer journey are also measured. The index model computes the relative importance of each attribute within each factor and relative importance of each factor to the overall customer experience index. The model is then used to aggregate the attributes and factors to form the J.D. Power Customer Experience Index.

The J.D. Power customer experience index can be used to compare competing companies, to assess change over time, to determine areas most critical to customer satisfaction, and to highlight potential improvement opportunities by examining areas with high importance and low performance relative to the competition. J.D. Power uses the customer experience index model as a means to determine most of its ratings and awards. Results are based on measures of customer satisfaction by consumers that are proprietary to J.D. Power. Awards and performance rankings are based on numerical scores, and not necessarily on statistical significance. Our experience indicates that even when small differences occur in the scores of those being measured, these small perceived differences help drive competition in the marketplace, thereby improving product and service quality and driving increases in overall customer satisfaction.

What Makes Our Research Different?

It’s vetted by industry experts: There’s a reason why J.D. Power is a globally recognized and renowned brand. Our comprehensive model of the customer journey has been vetted by industry experts over decades.

We can drill into targeted insights: Brands can finally understand the importance of each part of the customer journey to overall customer satisfaction. Our index makes it possible.

Actionable analysis is a staple: Our ability to drive action is one of the biggest reasons clients seek guidance from J.D. Power. Actionable analysis provided by our index helps clients understand what drives customer satisfaction and which KPIs will actually move the needle.

We actually quantify customer satisfaction: Key business metrics such as loyalty, retention and advocacy—all critical factors in driving positive financial growth—are impacted by customer satisfaction. We scientifically demonstrate how and to what degree.

We’ve designed with a true competitive perspective in mind: Relative to their competition, our index enables clients to assess their performance in both overall customer satisfaction and individual components that make up the customer experience.

Client improvement is the key priority: Our index trends customer experience over time which allows us to assess areas of improvement for the brands we serve.

Take Your Customer Experience to the Next Level

Measuring the customer experience is a great start. Enacting a program that drives positive results is even better. Bain Certified NPS® by J.D. Power helps brands improve customer loyalty and advocacy; J.D. Power VoX simplifies the Voice of the Customer Experience to make data-driven decisions, improve your customer experience, and drive positive financial results.