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2018 Dependability Minivan

According to verified new-vehicle owners, listed below are the top-ranked 2018 Minivan models in vehicle dependability, measuring vehicle quality during the first three years of ownership.

2018 J.D. Power Dependability award winner

2018 J.D. Power Dependability contenders

Results for Minivan rankings in vehicle dependability in 2018 are included in the chart below.

Other J.D. Power ratings and awards
2018 J.D. Power quality award
Awarded to the brand who had the fewest problems reported by 100 car owners during the first 90 days of ownership.
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2018 J.D. Power performance award
Awarded to the brand with the highest new car owner design and performance ratings after the first 90 days of ownership.
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2018 J.D. Power dealers award
Awarded to the dealer performance, both in terms of vehicle servicing (i.e., service initiation; service facility; vehicle pickup; and service quality) as well as the sales experience (i.e., dealer personnel; delivery process; and dealership facility).
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2018 J.D. Power depreciation ratings
The depreciation rating is based on the vehicle average annual depreciation over 5 years.
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