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Sleek lines and a spacious interior are two features people love about the 2018 Nissan Altima and Honda Accord, midsize sedans that are perfect for small families. The Nissan Altima is a bit on the sportier side, which is great for owners who love sporty styles, but it lacks some of the refinement of the Accord. The Accord has three engine options, including a hybrid version, with a standard CVT or 10-speed automatic, both of which make shifting feel effortless and enjoyable. The Altima’s two engine options are respectable and earn a higher fuel mileage rating than the Accord’s high-performing engine but lacks a streamlined performance. Technology is similar in each model, but the Accord’s 8-inch standard touchscreen infotainment center far outweighs the Altima’s 5-inch screen. Honda also gives the Accord a full array of driver’s assistance safety features, including lane keeping assistance and automatic high beams, while these are only optional on the Altima. It’s important to note, too, that the 2018 Accord was redesigned for this model year, so many of its features are more up-to-date than the Altima, which hasn’t received a massive redesign in a few years, but is due to soon.
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2018 Nissan Altima vs 2018 Honda Accord

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