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There’s no denying that the Land Rover Range Rover and Lincoln Navigator have always been two of the most luxurious SUVs on the market, but their 2019 versions seem to surpass everyone’s expectations. In fact, the 2019 Navigator has seen boosted prices since its release because of its popularity and increasing demand So, what sets these two apart? The Navigator is all about power and style, while the Range Rover focuses on a top-notch interior filled with the most convenient technology. The Navigator’s V6 engine is powerful and able to tow more weight than the Range Rover, although the Range Rover’s 7716-pound towing capacity is respectable. But, the Navigator’s performance from its 10-speed transmission makes it a dream to drive. With that said, the Range Rover has more selection when it comes to powertrains, offering a range of gas, diesel, and hybrid engines that give drivers more control over the configuration While both vehicles are filled to the brim with interior technology, there’s no denying that the Range Rover has just about every available feature drivers and passengers could want, including rear-seat entertainment, built-in apps, and a driver-focused steering wheel with touch-sensitive controls and customizability.
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2019 Land Rover Range Rover vs 2019 Lincoln Navigator

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