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Although several similar vehicles on the market can be challenging to compare and spot their differences, the 2018 Acura MDX and Honda Pilot are almost impossible since they’re both made by Honda. Is the Acura’s higher price tag worth the cost, then? It could be for some. The most notable difference between the two SUVs is that, not surprisingly, the MDX’s interior is significantly more extravagant than the Pilot’s. Even the base MDX gets perforated leather seating, and the full cabin is lined with natural wood trims and includes noticeably higher quality materials throughout. The MDX also comes packed with interior features, like an updated infotainment system with Apple and Android integration and available navigation and a remote start system. To equate to the technology of the base MDX, drivers will need to opt for an upper-level trim or add-on packages for the Pilot. However, the Pilot has a lot going for it compared to its rival. Although the MDX’s engine offers more power, the Pilot has a peppier acceleration and gets almost the same fuel economy rating as the MDX. It also offers slightly more legroom in the rear seat and more cargo space than the MDX.
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2018 Acura MDX vs 2018 Honda Pilot

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