2018 Lexus LS ratings and reviews

With a focus on power and handling, the 2018 Lexus LS provides dynamic driving with innovative technology. A new front design offers enhanced balance and improves handling for an adrenaline-pumping drive. The Adaptive Variable Suspension adjusts to the driver and road. Three drive modes, ECO, Normal, and Sport, as efficient or thrilling, as you want. Luxury is expressed with Takumi Craftsmanship. Premium Art Wood blends with Kirko cut glass, making the LS a moving work of art. Rear-Seat touchscreen controls engage passengers and give access to controlling individual climate zones, and even massage options. Use the Lexus Enform Dynamic Navigation system to have the most updated maps and alternate routes based on upcoming conditions. Luxury doesn’t stop the LS from being an all-wheel drive. EPA estimates combined miles per gallon to be 23, leaving you plenty of room to travel or race around town.

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