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Advertisers and other third-party service providers may collect and use information about your visits to this website and other websites in order to provide advertisements regarding goods and services they feel may be of interest to you. Such marketing practices anonymously track online behaviors in order to deliver \"interest - based\" advertising. is strictly committed to its marketing and advertising transparency, especially the choices that are available to each and every member of the J.D. Power community.
Would you like to obtain more information about these advertising practices?
Please visit the "Understanding Online Advertising" consumer section at the Digital Advertising Alliance's website here:
Would you like to opt-out from many of the larger advertisers' "interest-based" advertisement tracking?
Please visit the "Opt Out From Online Behavioral Advertising By Participating Companies (BETA)" tool from the Digital Advertising Alliance here:
Also, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative's opt-out tool here: , for additional choices in opting out from "interest-based" advertising.
Additional Resources:
Google offers a review of its Ads Preferences Manager. Also, Google offers an internet tracking browser opt-out plugin for Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox here:
Microsoft Advertising offers opt-out choices and options here:
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