Social Media Intelligence

Consumer opinions are everywhere. Open-ended survey responses, call logs, and social media sites are just a few of the many sources that now contain important, unstructured data that may hold valuable insights for your company.

Our social media and text analytics solutions are designed to enable you to make the most of consumer conversations, wherever they may occur.


Updated annually, our benchmarks are drawn from millions of consumers and small businesses across dozens of industries, telling us what drives an outstanding experience and what consumers value most.

Social Media Benchmark Study

Engage with consumers through social media interactions to strengthen the image and value of your brand and to demonstrate the value of social media efforts to internal stakeholders:

  • Measure your social media efforts and compare them to your competitors
  • Identify the right amount and type of social media content to share with your consumers
  • Learn how to adapt the best social media practices of high performers to your organization

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Let J.D. Power's analysis solutions put the voice of your customers to work for you.

Social Media Intelligence

Learn from our experts how to collect and sort the abundance of consumer information found online, as well as how to find actionable insights and make that information relevant:

  • With our Insight Composerv tool, extract actual consumer perceptions from social media, and understand what your consumers love (and hate) about brands, categories, issues, and trends
  • This program can be tailored to meet your social media needs

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Social Media Pulse Program

Harness your unique social media stream of data to address key problems and opportunities in real time:

  • Sift through noisy, messy information to find relevant pieces of dataKeep up with the speed and volume of your social media data
  • Move beyond "monitoring" and toward "finding true insights"

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J.D. Power's proprietary solutions and subject matter expertise may help you navigate the world of unstructured data.

Voice of the Customer Text Analytics

Let J.D. Power's analysis solutions put the voice of your customers to work for you.

  • Extract rich customer information often overlooked when compiling complex and unstructured data
  • Assimilate information in order to understand your customers and identify how to meet or exceed their expectations

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