Service Industry Solutions: The J.D. Power VoX Approach to Improving the Customer Experience

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The J.D. Power Voice of Experience (VoX) approach helps companies deliver a world-class customer experience and achieve positive financial results.  It combines more than 45 years of our rich, unparalleled experience in:

  • Knowledge of the competitive landscape garnered from Voice of the Customer research
  • A wealth of research and industry expertise
  • A reputation as a trusted and recognized brand in consumer ratings

This experience allows us to conclude that companies that overcome today's biggest challenges of delivering award-winning customer experience and reap the financial rewards adhere to FIVE KEY PRACTICES, or what we call the J.D. Power VoX Approach to Improving the Customer Experience: 

Customer Experience Model

KEY PRACTICE #1)  Your Customers ARE the Business

To begin with (and perhaps most importantly), to be a top performer you need to put your customers first. They can’t be seen as part of the business—they ARE the business. Decisions start by looking through the lens of the customer, not by assessing risk or cost, and then considering the environmental impact on the customer.

KEY PRACTICE #2)  Understand Customer Drivers

You need to understand the reality of the market in which you compete. J.D. Power’s benchmarking studies are the first step in understanding what’s really important to customers, where their pain points are, what drives their decisions and actions, what differs by customer segments, and what changes over time.


KEY PRACTICE #3)  Develop Strategy and Action Plan

Your organization needs to be strategically aligned with the opportunities that market realities reveal. Your value proposition or brand promise is clear and consistent. You’ll need to create a management structure that nurtures and sustains customer focus as well as continuous improvement. It starts with the J.D. Power VoX Customer Experience Strategic Assessment >

Customer Experience Strategic Assessment

KEY PRACTICE #4)  Optimize Customer Interactions

Optimizing your customer touch points can mean the difference between winning and losing customers and business. J.D. Power provides solutions to ensure your frontline and digital channels are performing at their best.


KEY PRACTICE #5)  Measure and Manage

Top-performing companies continuously measure performance and manage to close gaps between what’s expected and what’s delivered. It’s not about simply measuring, it’s about managing. They use all the information gathered to drive the right actions.

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