Contact Center Customer Satisfaction Research Program

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Tools and insights that pinpoint how to improve your customers’ contact center experience

The Challenge

Contact center organizations need to clearly identify which actions they can take to maximize the customer experience without breaking their budget or wasting time. Unfortunately, most research initiatives yield only general insights that cannot help the organization truly prioritize their activities and ultimately fail to offer critical insights or drive improvement.

The Solution

The J.D. Power Contact Center Customer Satisfaction Research ProgramSM provides comprehensive measurement of customer satisfaction and operational performance with an organization's phone, interactive voice response (IVR), and Web self-service channels, as applicable. A detailed report provides insights on performance comparing it with the performance standards used in the J.D. Power Certified Contact Center Program.SM Through proprietary scoring and analytics, our research professionals deliver the critical insights necessary to improve the customer experience most dramatically, as well as help your organization prepare for J.D. Power certification, if desired.

The Contact Center Customer Satisfaction Research Program is an intellectual property license that includes:

Contact Center CSAT


  • Survey Process and Administration—With leadership from our expert research operations management team, a sampling of your customers will receive surveys that measure satisfaction with your organization's phone, IVR, and Web self-service channels.
    • Agent-introduced IVR survey or email survey used to gather customer input
    • An estimate of field time and a reporting schedule
    • A professional research team to keep stakeholders abreast of progress
  • Expert Reporting, Analysis, and Recommendations—A comprehensive report and readout by J.D. Power experts, will compare your customer satisfaction and operational performance to high performers across industries, with insights and specific recommendations on what practices to implement in order to improve most significantly.
    • Clients will receive feedback about each of their contact center locations measured and know if their current performance would have qualified them for J.D. Power's prestigious Certified Contact Center ProgramSM distinction

The Benefits

Clients who invest in the J.D. Power Contact Center Customer Satisfaction Research Program benefit from:

  • Receiving actionable, reliable insights that identify how their contact center operations
    • Compare to high performers
    • Perform on the factors of satisfaction that matter most to customers
  • Obtaining data that can be shared with executive management to demonstrate that a high-performing operation is truly excellent and meets the highest standards
  • Knowing which operational activities to prioritize in order to close gaps and improve relative performance, which will help prevent the operation from wasting time and money on activities that do not have a profound impact on the customer experience.

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"J.D. Power Certification has helped us serve our customers better, and the recognition from such a trusted brand for the level of service we provide has helped us acquire and retain more customers which has had a material impact on our bottom line."

—Kim Flemm, Vice President of Operations, Guardian Retirement Solutions