Designed to Help you Drive Excellence in your Contact Center

Benchmarking Toolkit Questions

The Solution

J.D. Power's Contact Center Benchmarking Toolkit is a suite of easy-to-use self-evaluation tools, insights, and resources designed to help you drive excellence in your contact center. Built on best practices drawn from the highest performers, this solution enables clients to cost-effectively and quickly measure and understand how they compare with the customer satisfaction and operational standards that define cross-industry high performance across the phone, IVR, and Web self-service channels.

The Benchmarking Toolkit Includes:

Benchmarking Toolkit


  • Best Practices Scorecard—233 cross-industry leading practices for improving the customer experience
  • Diagnostic Survey Instrument—The same survey tool J.D. Power uses in its contact center certification programs, accessible for one year and used to measure the contact center customer experience
  • Key Metric Comparisons—Customized to your organization, comparing your own metrics with those of the highest performers across industries
  • Intellectual Property License—A full year's access to J.D. Power's contact center survey, sample plan, survey methodology, index score calculation methodology, and importance weights by attribute
  • Weighted Drivers of Satisfaction—Annually updated, cross-industry importance weights of each satisfaction driver

The Benefits

Clients who use the J.D. Power proven best practices and benchmarks provided in the Benchmarking Toolkit will be well-positioned to deliver satisfaction and drive operational excellence in their contact center operations across the phone, IVR, and Web self-service channels. The Benchmarking Toolkit supplies clients with the self-evaluation tools, resources, and insights to cost-effectively and dramatically improve their contact center organization, understand how they compare to high-performing contact centers, and, if desired, prepare for J.D. Power certification.