U.S. Navigation Usage and Satisfaction Study

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As navigation systems become more widely used, it is essential to understand owners’ expectations of product quality, system design, and price. Examining these factors allows both manufacturers and suppliers to understand the performance that owners demand from their navigation system.

The Solution

The J.D. Power 2013 Navigation Usage and Satisfaction StudySM provides an in-depth analysis of owners’ satisfaction with their factory-installed navigation system. The study also examines owners’ usage habits, desired features, system quality, and pricing expectations at the model level, which allows competitive cross-industry comparisons.

The Benefits

Study subscription provides access to the tools needed to improve existing products, benchmark against competitors, and develop new products by first understanding:

  • Owner satisfaction with current navigation systems (including ease of use, routing, display screen, voice directions, system speed, voice recognition, and appearance)
  • Frequency and types of usage behaviors
  • Problems experienced
  • Product support satisfaction
  • Customers’ perceived value of system
  • Customer preferences for mapping software updates
  • Navigation system preferences for future offerings
  • Enhanced feature sections focus on satisfaction with real-time traffic; voice recognition; off-board navigation (with operator and without operator); and portable navigation devices