Bain Certified Net Promoter Score® by J.D. Power now available!

The Challenge

Changes in market conditions, new and emerging risks, and a shifting competitive landscape make it more important than ever for insurers and brokers to have access to robust, independent sources of insights and key drivers of risk professional satisfaction. Insurers and brokers must have the ability to make informed decisions to strike the right balance among competing needs for investments in technology, training, marketing, claims management, and new product/program development.

The Solution

The J.D. Power U.S. Large Commercial Insurance Satisfaction StudySM benchmarks risk professional satisfaction with large commercial insurers and brokers. The study offers an unparalleled view of the large commercial market by providing independent and objective measures of overall satisfaction levels among large commercial insurance customers. The study provides a broad understanding of where and how carriers can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and advocacy across the following key customer touch points:

  • Selection and purchase process
  • Non-claim service interaction
  • Product and program management
  • Price
  • Billing
  • Claim interaction
  • Overall experience

Additionally, the study explores the most critical drivers of satisfaction among risk professionals in various areas of the market:

  • Annual revenue or operating budget
  • Number of employees
  • Industry(s) served

A study subscription provides access to the insights and tools needed to gain a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of how your company is performing and to identify key areas needing improvement.

Study deliverables include:

  • Customized executive presentation and in-person discussion that includes data-driven, actionable recommendations for achieving such strategic goals as closing performance gaps with key competitors and/or highest performers in the study
  • Competitive survey data and industry reports created by J.D. Power
  • Analytical tools for performance insights and peer comparisons
  • Ongoing thought leadership, including white papers and access to webinars on vital industry topics
  • Company operating performance and direct linkage of efficiency to customer satisfaction

What’s New in 2017?

  • VoX 3.0: This study is available on J.D. Power’s newly enhanced interactive online portal, VoX 3.0; the platform allows subscribers to access the study information digitally and has been recently upgraded with several new features, including a cross-tabulation tool
  • Bain Certified Net Promoter Score® by J.D. Power: This independent, trusted, and Bain-certified measure of NPS will instill confidence in score accuracy while better positioning brands to improve the customer experience, increase brand advocacy, and drive positive financial results. The NPS® questions will be available in the respondent data files and will also be available on VoX via a verbatim word cloud and rank chart. To access it, you must subscribe to the respective J.D. Power syndicated study. Learn more at
  • Overall Satisfaction by Product Line: Satisfaction ratings each product line, by insurer*

*Not Index Model Based, Satisfaction measured on a 1-10 scale
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