As the expectations of home appliance purchasers continue to evolve, retailers must understand their customers and their experiences to ensure and reap the benefits of high levels of customer satisfaction. Knowing how customers evaluate your company’s practices and services, compared with those of competitors, helps increase your competitive advantage by targeting performance improvement initiatives that may increase overall customer satisfaction as well as customer loyalty and recommendations, and create retailer loyalty.

The Solution

The J.D. Power Appliance Retailer Satisfaction StudySM measures key drivers of satisfaction among customers who recently purchased an appliance at a major home appliance retailer. The study examines the entire customer in-store experience—from the reason why customers select or reject a retailer, to the facility and assistance provided by the sales staff, to overall satisfaction with the retail store experience.

Appliance retailers may use study findings to:

  • Measure critical components that drive overall satisfaction among appliance purchasers
  • Identify brand strengths and weaknesses overall and by customer segment
  • Align strategic planning and improvement initiatives with core customer desires and needs
  • Benchmark customer satisfaction among appliance retailers

The Benefits

Study subscription will provide access to the tools needed to gain a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of how your company is performing and to identify areas needing improvement.

Deliverables include:

  • An on-site executive presentation that provides insights into key industry trends and study findings, allowing your company to maximize performance and prioritize improvement initiatives
  • Access to competitive data sets, allowing a comparison of your company’s performance against competitors, the industry, and the highest performers
  • A customer comment file that allows you to hear directly from your customers

J.D. Power’s research solutions enable appliance retailers to target those performance activities that have a direct impact on ROI.