Just as quickly as a player may be traded to another team, fan sentiment can change. Collecting and analyzing feedback from fans in your market is important to not only provide a highly satisfying experience, but to also better understand your fans’ perceptions, expectations, intentions, and behaviors, which can help identify and prioritize performance improvement initiatives—as well as maximize your overall return on investment. J.D. Power’s actionable market intelligence can help your organization acquire and retain loyal fans, while also increasing your revenue stream with new single-game buyers and season-ticket holders.

The Solution

The J.D. Power 2017 Fan Experience StudySM measures satisfaction among sports fans who attended a National Football League,® Major League Baseball,® National Hockey League,® Major League Soccer,® or National Basketball Association® event in the following U.S. market areas: New York; Los Angeles; Houston; Chicago; South Florida; Denver; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; Dallas; Bay Area; and Boston. The overall fan experience is comprised of the following factors of satisfaction (in order of importance): Seating Area and Game Experience; Security and Ushers; Leaving the Game; Arriving at the Game; Food and Beverage; Ticket Purchase; and Souvenirs and Merchandise.

The 2017 Fan Experience Study is more comprehensive and representative of measuring the fan experience than internal team surveys since it is not limited to season-ticket holders and single-game ticket buyers. Instead, the study significantly broadens the population to include not only the aforementioned fans, but also secondary-market ticket buyers and friends as well as relatives and colleagues who did not buy a ticket but attended with someone who did. The study, which provides the sports industry with insights into the evolving needs and demands of fans and sponsors, includes the following objectives:

  • Quantify performance metrics among major professional sports fans who attended a game
  • Benchmark satisfaction enabling fan experience comparisons in market area
  • Analyze fan game-day experiences and behaviors
  • Capture team image data
  • Quantify un/aided brand awareness for beverage sponsors for each stadium in your market
  • Deliver insights into what drives fan and sponsor loyalty

What Study Data Does for Professional Sports Franchises

J.D. Power has identified 10 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), or behaviors, that significantly drive overall fan satisfaction, advocacy, and loyalty for teams. These behaviors, when coupled together, have a direct impact on fan spending. Most teams in our 2016 study are only meeting an average of 3.8 KPIs on a consistent basis. When all 10 KPIs are met, fan spending at games (parking, tickets, food and beverages, and souvenirs) increase by 90%.

The Fan Experience Study identifies how your team performs against these KPIs and any other KPIs specific to fans within your market.

For more information about the J.D. Power Sports Practice, please contact Greg Truex, Senior Director and Executive Sponsor at Greg.Truex@jdpa.com or 805-236-5379.

“The Fan Experience Study provided us comprehensive feedback in all of the most critical areas of our business. We constantly strive improve the guest experience, and the analytics provided to us were instrumental in shaping future decisions.”

— Aaron Teats, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Anaheim Ducks