Sports Industry | Fan Experience Study

Does your sports team or club have the best fan experience in your Market?
How does your team capture Share of Wallet in your Market?
How does your team differentiate fan experience from other teams in your Market?

By listening to the fans, franchises can understand and identify areas of strength and opportunities to increase fan satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy that leads to a decreased marketing budget and season-ticket attrition, and increased ticket sales and prices.

J.D. Power is releasing, for the first ever, a comprehensive evaluation of the Fan Experience with Professional Sports franchises in New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago. We are even taking it one step further, asking sports fans in those markets “Who is the Face of Professional Sports,” giving an accolade to one player in each market and quantifying their own brand-value in their market.

More than 5,700 responses from sports fans that have attended one of your games (season-ticket holders, single game buyers through your website, fans that purchased through a 3rd party website, or just those given free tickets by a friend, relative or colleague) have evaluated your team through the same customer satisfaction method employed by over 45 industries and ~1,900 U.S. brands by J.D. Power.

Respondents to this study have spent an average of $356 at each game they attended, but as much as $626 on sporting events annually.

Areas evaluated include:

  • Ticket purchase
  • Arriving at the game
  • Security and Ushers
  • Seating Area and Game Experience
  • Food and Beverage
  • Souvenir and Merchandise
  • Leaving the Game
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Loyalty and Future Intentions
  • Team Performance
  • Defections (why don’t fans attend your games)

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The Solution

The J.D. Power 2016 Major Market Sports ReportSM measures the customer experience of National Football League,® National Basketball Association,® Major League Baseball,® National Hockey League® and Major League Soccer® fans in four major markets in the United States. This study measures the experience of fans who attended a sporting event in the last year in order to provide teams with information that can lead to increased attendance at events.

Sports teams may use the study findings to:

  • Understand their fan’s experience at their events in relation to other venues in their market
  • Gain competitive insights into their markets
  • Align strategic planning and marketing spend with customer feedback
  • Benchmark their fans experience with the fan experience in the industry overall
  • Provide information on internal strengths, weaknesses, competitor threats and opportunities
  • Provide key performance analysis and impact on satisfaction (e.g., staff initiative, security measures, stadium/arena volume)

The Benefits

A study subscription provides access to the tools needed to gain an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of how your particular franchise is interacting with your fans. You will be able to turn your fan’s feedback into improvements that will keep your fans coming back… and spending more money.

Study deliverables include:

  • A deep-dive presentation that provides insights into key trends and study findings for your team/club and how you compare to other teams in your market. (In-person
    presentation available with travel costs invoiced as pass-through expenses)
  • Access to competitive data sets, allowing comparisons of your venue and team/club with other venues in your market, as well as other teams in your league and other markets
  • A rich open-ended verbatim file that allows you to hear feedback directly from your customers about their experience at your venue

Sports Industry Facts

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