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The Challenge

While auto insurers continue to improve across the board in terms of customer satisfaction, competition to differentiate brands is intensifying. Knowing why your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with their claims experience and what your competitors are doing to meet their customers’ expectations is critical in differentiating your company’s claims process experience.

The Solution

The J.D. Power U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction StudySM provides an analysis of customers’ perceptions of their insurer’s performance throughout the entire claims experience, from first notice of loss through the repair and delivery of their vehicle or settlement of a total loss. The study provides insights into how insurers may not only continue to improve customer satisfaction with the claims process, but also how they may differentiate themselves in order to ensure retention and advocacy, both of which are critical to growth and profitability.

The U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study will publish in four waves, allowing subscribers to more accurately track their results throughout the year. A study subscription will provide access to the tools needed to gain a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of your company’s performance and to identify areas needing improvement.

Study wave deliverables that will be provided four times over the course of the year include:

  • An analyst briefing that provides insights into key industry trends
  • Access to a personalized competitive data set, allowing you to see how your company stacks up against competitors, the industry, and the highest performers
  • A detailed performance analysis that displays key performance metrics and frequencies

Full study deliverables that will be provided once at the completion of the fourth wave include:

  • A full PDF report of insights obtained across all four waves of data
  • An executive presentation that provides a summary of your company’s results, compared with those of key competitors
  • Bain Certified NPS® by J.D. Power: This independent and Bain certified measurement of NPS which includes the brand level Net Promoter Score® and verbatims, a NPS rank chart and verbatim text analytics. More advanced analytics are available at an additional cost. Contact your J.D. Power representative to learn more, or visit

The Benefits

Insurance companies that subscribe to the study will be better able to understand their competitive position at a detailed level, allowing them to pinpoint critical areas for improvement and make prudent investments in the service attributes that matter most to customers.

Now Available! Bain Certified Net Promoter Score® by J.D. Power
This independent, trusted, and Bain certified measure of NPS® provides brands with accurate scores they can use with confidence as they seek ways to improve the customer experience, assess their competition, increase brand advocacy, and ultimately deliver positive financial results. To access it, you must subscribe to the respective J.D. Power syndicated study. Learn more at


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Publish Dates*:

February 9, 2017
April 13, 2017
July 13, 2017
October 19, 2017

* Publish dates subject to change


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