The Auto Insurance LoyaltyIQ profiles more than 100,000 consumers and tracks their loyalty to their incumbent insurer by measuring recent shopping and switching behavior. This product includes data from the top 50 insurers in the United States and may be used to supplement your company’s own internal research for a deeper dive into the brands that are not profiled in the J.D. Power U.S. 2016 Insurance Shopping Study.SM Access to this data allows insurers to better understand who is shopping and not shopping; which markets customers are shopping in; and customer awareness and attitudes and perceptions of auto insurance brands. The product also includes 2 years of loyalty data, which allows subscribers to compare trends year over year and quarter over quarter.

Additionally, the LoyaltyIQ profiles the most critical aspects of customer loyalty by measuring retention, shopping, and switching in various customer segments:

  • Generation: What is the shopping rate among Gen Y customers? Do they defect at a higher rate they Gen X? Has this changed in the past year?
  • Income: Has retention changed from last year among higher income households?
  • Local Market (ZIP code, state, region): How do my company’s customer shopping rates compare in California vs. Texas, for example?
  • Product Bundling: What is the rate of switching among auto and home bundlers? How does my company’s performance compare to competitors?
  • Attitudes and Perceptions of Auto Insurance: Does my company have more customers who identify as technology averse? How does this impact loyalty in my book of business?

The LoyaltyIQ publishes in four waves, allowing subscribers to more accurately track customer loyalty on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

Deliverables include:

  • Analytical tools for performance insights and peer comparisons, including customizable charts and graphs available on VoX
  • Ongoing thought leadership, including white papers and access to webinars on vital industry topics