The Challenge

Wireless carriers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate their brand and retail store locations from their competitors. Minimizing customer churn, attracting new customers, and driving store traffic are challenges that accompany this commoditization of offerings. Carriers that provide a highly satisfying customer experience need to leverage this performance in order to differentiate both their brand and retail store locations, and motivate employees.

The Solution

The J.D. Power Wireless Retail Certification ProgramSM examines the wireless retail customer experience via customer transaction surveys for individual retailers. The results are measured against the program satisfaction benchmark as identified by the J.D. Power U.S. and Canadian Wireless Purchase Experience Studies.SM A compliance review is also required to validate current in-store processes. Retailers that meet or exceed J.D. Power’s performance benchmark and compliance criteria are eligible for Wireless Retail Excellence recognition.

The Benefits

Differentiate your brand and retail store locations by achieving Wireless Retail Certification. The program not only validates your current in-store processes, but also identifies areas that need improvement, driving a consistent customer experience across retail store locations.

The Wireless Retail Certification Program enables participating carriers to:

  • Increase customer focus—Provides independent feedback from customer experience surveys
  • Improve customer service experience—Identifies and prioritizes retail store activities and initiatives that drive customer satisfaction, enabling continuous improvement and sustaining an outstanding customer experience
  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of specific store performance—Provides an objective, best practice-based comparison of your company’s retail store performance with those of high-performing companies
  • Differentiate your company from competition and peers—Wireless Retail Excellence recognition highlights your operational excellence and customer-centric focus, providing an identifiable store distinction and differentiation from local competition
  • Improve financial performance—Increases customer loyalty, willingness to buy, likelihood of repurchase, and recommendation of stores that display and sustain this distinctive customer-focused approach to sales and service