Using real-life guest experiences to help manage satisfaction

The Challenge

Guest satisfaction is an essential component of the hospitality industry. To remain profitable and achieve desired growth, hotels must differentiate themselves through superior customer service and deliver a satisfying and memorable guest experience across all of their properties. Too often, the information necessary to gauge hotel performance on an individual property level or the performance of a specific competitor’s property; compare your hotel’s performance against the competition; and identify performance gaps is either too difficult to gather or does not provide the actionable insights necessary to develop the improvement initiatives that are most likely to have a significant impact on satisfaction.

The Solution

The J.D. Power Hotel Property Competitive BenchmarkingSM product is a mystery shop of hotels conducted by J.D. Power evaluators who gather critical information directly from your guests, generating actionable insights regarding the entire guest experience with your customer-facing personnel, from reservation to check-out.

Product deliverables include:

  • An in-depth on-site guest experience evaluation of specific hotel locations of your choosing, including selecting competitor locations
  • An executive report that shares insights regarding your hotel brand’s performance in key areas that impact guest satisfaction and identifies product and service areas of strength and weakness, allowing you to maximize your hotel’s performance and prioritize improvements
  • Access to competitive data sets, allowing you to see how your brand’s performance compares with competitors, the industry, and the highest performers
  • A guest interaction comment file that allows for qualitative analysis of staff service and an opportunity to hear directly from your guests

The Benefits

Insights drawn from hotel guest mystery shoppers, as well as from established benchmarks, enable your hotel’s management to make impactful decisions that are based on the expertise of J.D. Power evaluators rather than on conjecture. Whether the decision is to address performance through training, coaching, incentives, compensation plans, or by providing greater clarity regarding the guest experience to your stakeholders, the Hotel Property Competitive Benchmarking product offers the means to make more effective decisions.