Data derived from J.D. Power's Power Information Network (PIN)


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  1. Total SAAR reached 17.5M (+1.1M)—Largest Y/Y gain since Jan: Total sales reached nearly 1.51M, up 76K units
  2. Retail sales were up 5.1% to 1.29M: SAAR reached 14.4M (+0.8M) on retail volume growth of 62K units
  3. Fleet sales grew a slightly faster pace of 6.6%: Fleet sales rose to 217K units, representing 14.4% of Industry (flat Y/Y)
  4. Incentives rose $242 to $3,307/unit, or +0.5ppt to 9.6% of MSRP (highest % of MSRP since Jul ‘10)
  5. Transaction prices were up 2.1% to reach a July record: CFTP reached $30,047/unit, a +$619 increase
  6. Consumer expenditures reached a July record and were 5th highest on record: July expenditures totaled of $38.8Billion (+$2.6B)
  7. Extended-term financing reached a new all-time record mix: 72M+ loans grew 2.1ppts to 34.9% of all transactions
  8. Negative Equity remained elevated—near Feb post-recession high: Neg. Equity rose 2.2ppts to 29.0% mix (note: 10yr high 35% in 01/05)
  9. Premium under-performed for the 2nd consecutive month: Sales grew just 2% compared to 5.7% for the rest of industry, with premium share of industry falling 0.4ppts to 12.0%
  10. Car share of sales fell 5.1ppts to just 42.6% of the industry