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J.D. Power has signed an agreement with Bain & Company to become the officially recognized authority for benchmarking the Net Promoter Score (NPS®) in a series of industry studies in North America.

The Problem

For many companies, NPS is a popular and effective internal measurement of customer loyalty. But until now, companies wanting to compare their performance against competitors had no reliable, objective benchmark data. Their only option was to commission custom market research studies, which survey customers on both the company and its competitors, but too often fall short on correct NPS methodology, sample size or even independence.

Lacking independent NPS data, many companies even base investor communications and executive compensation on internal NPS survey results rather than external benchmark NPS.

J.D. Power now offers an independent, objective, Bain certified NPS industry benchmark that companies can use with confidence to support competitive benchmarking, investor communications and even executive incentives.

An Exclusive Offering

J.D. Power now provides a Bain Certified Net Promoter Score in select industries. This independent NPS competitive benchmark uses a methodology certified by Bain & Company, a key requirement for accurate and reliable scores. Brands that adopt the new benchmark will have a more reliable measure they can use to evaluate their performance relative to competitors, detect market threats and opportunities and spur improvements to their own products and services. To access the Bain Certified NPS benchmarks, you must subscribe to the respective J.D. Power industry study.

Bain Certified Net Promoter Score® by J.D. Power will first be available in the J.D. Power retail banking industry benchmark studies in 2016 and 2017. J.D. Power and Bain are also evaluating the possibility of extending their collaborative efforts to include NPS in other J.D. Power syndicated benchmarking studies.


  • Combined Expertise of Bain and J.D. Power: Combines Bain & Company’s Net Promoter methodology with J.D. Power’s expertise as an independent and trusted source of industry benchmarks based on voice of the customer
  • Accurate NPS Benchmarks: Ensures relevant NPS comparisons against competitors and the industry overall
  • Unbiased Results: Independent third-party verification builds confidence among stakeholders and investors and avoids any conflicts of interest
  • Cost-Effective Measurement: The Bain Certified Net Promoter Score by J.D. Power is the most cost-effective way to get accurate NPS benchmarking data

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