Service Industry Solutions: J.D. Power Customer Experience Management Framework

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J.D. Power's approach to producing a customer experience that delivers positive financial results

Customer Experience Model

Understanding Drivers

You need to understand the reality of the market in which you compete.  J.D. Power’s benchmarking studies are the first step in understanding what’s really important to customers, where their pain points are, what drives their decisions and actions, what differs by customer segments, and what changes over time. These studies provide an independent, objective view of performance relative to competitors.

Develop Strategy and Action Plan

Your organization needs to be strategically aligned with the opportunities that market realities allow. J.D. Power helps companies develop strategies and plans that ensure:

  • Their value proposition is clear and consistent to customers, employees, and executives alike
  • They have created an environment that nurtures and sustains customer focus and continuous improvement of the customer experience
  • They achieve critical prioritization of the initiatives with the highest impact on customer experience and the bottom line

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Optimize Customer Interactions

Optimizing your customer touch points can mean the difference between winning and losing customers and business. J.D. Power provides solutions to ensure your frontline and digital channels are performing at their best. 

Measure and Manage

You need flawless execution by continuously measuring performance and managing to close gaps between what’s expected and what’s delivered. J.D. Power works with companies to ensure:

  • Measurement systems are designed so that the right information is driving the right decisions
  • All information is acted upon and nothing is wasted
  • Improvement targets are aligned with business results and incentives

Our solutions address all facets of measuring the customer experience: