In today’s digital marketplace, it’s important for OEM-sponsored and third-party mobile website managers to create effective websites that serve as a major portal of information for consumers during their vehicle shopping process. Impactful mobile websites should be designed to not only assist consumers in researching information, but also provide help in narrowing their consideration set and aiding them in locating and navigating to a dealer.

The Solution

The J.D. Power U.S. Automotive Mobile Site (AMS) StudySM examines the features and content of OEM-sponsored and third-party automotive mobile websites that are useful and engaging to shoppers when using mobile devices during their vehicle-shopping process. The study provides insight to assist manufacturer and independent website managers in developing and improving their mobile websites in ways that ultimately drive traffic to dealerships and increase the likelihood for users to return to the site and recommend it to others. Newly added insights include what content shoppers are using when evaluating websites.

The Benefits

A study subscription will allow your company to understand which current site functions and designs are most effective in researching vehicle and dealer information, as well as to provide insights into the:

  • Effectiveness of mobile websites in increasing the likelihood of a test drive
  • Likelihood for users to return to the site and recommend the site to others
  • Impact of mobile site/app design and functionality on overall usefulness
  • The features and content that smartphone users find most useful

J.D. Power’s research solutions enable automotive companies to target those performance activities that have a direct impact on ROI.

Access 2015 Study Insights!

For a limited time, 2015 AMS insights are available for those seeking examples of the rich data the study provides.

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