Gina Pingitore, Ph.D.

Vice President and Chief Research Officer

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Gina PingitoreGina Pingitore is Vice President and Chief Research Officer, Analytical  Center of Excellence at J.D. Power. She is responsible for the scientific rigor and oversight of the design and statistical analyses for all syndicated and proprietary studies.

Since joining the company in 2002, Dr. Pingitore has developed models to establish the relationship between various Voice of the Customer measures and business outcomes. These efforts have been published in marketing journals, as well as presented at numerous scientific and business conferences.

More recently, she has focused on the development of measures of customer engagement through the creation of a Customer Commitment Model—a statistical construct to assess customers’ dedication to a particular brand or product. She has also spearheaded the company’s use of statistical techniques in data fusion to integrate disparate datasets that create a third dataset able to economically increase insight.

Previously, Dr. Pingitore was a practicing licensed clinical psychologist and behavioral researcher in academia, where she authored numerous articles in professional journals and managed numerous projects funded through federal grants. Later, she worked for a major advertising agency as a strategic planner on numerous engagements, including the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Dr. Pingitore received a master’s degree in psychology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and a doctorate in psychology from Loyola University of Chicago.