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J.D. Power Awards

The credibility of the J.D. Power brand advises everyone in the organization, from the CEO to the front-line staff and your customers, that the organization is committed to providing an outstanding customer experience, and may help shape and reinforce a high-performing, customer-first culture. In fact, consumers indicate a willingness to pay, on average, an additional $8 to $21 on their premium per year if they know an auto insurance provider has received a J.D. Power award.

Check out the award winners in the insurance industry:

Personal Lines
Commercial Insurance
Life Insurance

J.D. Power Certification Programs

There are many certification programs available to promote your brand, but when you want to stand out in the crowd, you want the program that will not only give your company better visibility in the market, but will also help you improve your operations.

Clients demonstrating compliance with J.D. Power's rigorous certification assessment will have the benefit of J.D. Power's trusted third-party endorsement to leverage in marketing and sales communications (subject to specific guidelines). These programs offer meaningful insight into operational and customer satisfaction benchmarks and best practices while also providing recognition to boost awareness, sales, and profits by sending a clear and unequivocal message to your customers and entire organization that you're dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction in your operation.

Learn more about certification programs available to the insurance industry

Auto and Property Claims Certification
Mobile App Certification
Certified Customer Service Program
Verification Program for Health Plan Operations
J.D. Power Certification can uniquely differentiate your brand
Bank of America Mobile App Certification
Help your brand stand out in the crowd.
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