For nearly 50 years, through its industry benchmark studies measuring new-vehicle quality, performance and design, and long-term dependability, J.D. Power has collected and analyzed data from millions of verified car buyers. The information and insights gleaned from these studies have helped both automakers and customers alike. Automakers use J.D. Power study data to design and build higher-quality, longer-lasting, better-performing vehicles. For consumers, J.D. Power publishes ratings to present critical car quality data in an easy-to-use format.

New Car Reviews

While data is the foundation of J.D. Power’s auto research operation, today’s discerning consumer wants more. In addition to data and ratings, they want real-world analyses and expert opinions when researching a new-vehicle purchase. To meet that need, J.D. Power now offers on its website exclusive car reviews with insights from our auto industry and product experts, as well as our experienced editorial team.

Through our exclusive Test Drive and PowerSteering car review articles, J.D. Power experts evaluate new nameplates, completely redesigned vehicles, and heavily refreshed vehicles in order to determine whether automakers are listening to the Voice of the Customer when making changes to their products.

Test Drive articles are based on a short-term vehicle evaluation, typically conducted at a one- or two-day media ride and drive event, and generally don’t reference J.D. Power study data. Test Drive articles focus on these critical areas:

  • ▪ Styling and design
  • ▪ Comfort and controls
  • ▪ Safety and technology
  • ▪ Driving impressions

PowerSteering reviews, on the other hand, are more in-depth and based on a full seven-day evaluation of the vehicle. In each review, our expert provides their own assessment of how the subject model performs in each of the 10 categories that comprise the J.D. Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study,SM including:

  • ▪ Vehicle exterior
  • ▪ Interior
  • ▪ Seats
  • ▪ Climate control system
  • ▪ Infotainment system
  • ▪ Storage and space
  • ▪ Visibility and safety
  • ▪ Engine/Transmission
  • ▪ Fuel economy
  • ▪ Driving dynamics

On this page, you will find reviews for dozens of the latest new car, truck, SUV, and van models.


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