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Defensive Driving Saves Lives and Money

Defensive Driving Saves Lives and Money

By Jeff Youngs, February 24, 2012
Aggressive drivers - unfortunately they have become an accepted part of driving today. While we can't do much about the behavior of others, we can always drive with control and can learn how to best react when faced with an aggressive driver. Have you considered taking a course in defensive driving? Defensive driving courses can teach you collision prevention techniques, general defensive driving skills and tips on avoiding road rage. By learning these skills, we can protect ourselves and others in our car while making the road safer for everyone.

The benefits of taking a defensive driving course are hard to pass up.

  • It could save your life - According to the National Safety Council, an estimated 77% of accidents are due to driver error. Brushing up on your defensive driving skills will provide you with the techniques needed to avoid an accident and serve as an important reminder to drive defensively at all times.

  • Some states permit defensive driver/driver improvement school attendance in lieu of conviction/points for certain violations. Point reductions can have a dramatic impact on insurance rates.

  • Your insurer may lower your insurance rates just for taking the class. Discounts are currently offered in 34 states. Amounts of discounts typically vary between 2-10%. Discounts are most commonly available for mature drivers (50/55 or older) although many insurers offer discounts to all drivers and some even offer discounts for teen driver safety courses.

To see what discounts you may be eligible for, check with your insurer. Keep in mind that insurance discounts typically apply when the driver has no tickets or accidents and insurers will not apply discounts if class was taken as part of a court order.

Classes are easy to find.

  • There are lots of driving schools available that teach defensive driving. The trick is to be sure that the class you take qualifies you for any available discounts. Check with your insurer to see what class they suggest.

  • Check out the National Safety Council who oversees the popular Defensive Driving Course (DDC) program. You can contact the NSC at 1-800-621-7619 or reach them online at Most likely there are driving schools near you who are authorized by the NSC to teach the DDC. There are also online options that may qualify you for discounts.

So it's back to school. Even if you don't get an insurance discount for taking a defensive driving class, take one to protect yourself and your family. Help make the roads a little bit safer for everyone.

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