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4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Car

4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Car

By Christian Wardlaw, August 10, 2012
Finding the perfect car is not as easy as many people think it is. With so many different makes, models, trim levels, and body styles available, it can be difficult to determine what vehicle to buy. We have rolled up the car-buying process of elimination into four main tips to finding the perfect car, to help buyers focus on what matters.

1. Choose an Affordable Car
Affordability is about more than just the vehicle's price. Other important factors to consider include insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs. If you are financing your vehicle, you need to pre-qualify for a loan in order to determine your monthly payment and narrow down your choices so that you stay within your budget.

2. Choose an Appropriate Car
With so many different types of vehicles for sale, it's easy to choose one that fits your lifestyle. For example, if you frequently carry passengers, a 2-door model or a very small car will not work as well as a 4-door model or a bigger car. It is also important to consider the weather where you live as well as your personal preferences regarding safety equipment, performance capabilities, reliability ratings, on-board technology, and cargo capacity.

3. Choose a Comfortable Car
You are going to spend the equivalent of weeks, if not years, of your life in your new vehicle. Make sure it is comfortable. Sit in it for as long as you can and sample the controls and features to make sure they are easy to understand and use.

4. Choose an Appealing Car
By now, you've addressed the practical matters essential to satisfaction with your new vehicle. From the field of contenders that meet your affordability, lifestyle, comfort, and personal preferences, choose the vehicle you most like in terms of styling. You will be driving it for the next few years, and it's always better to drive a car that you find appealing.

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