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Recall Roundup: Handful of Chevrolet Volts and Hundreds of Thousands of Chryslers Headed Back to Dealers

By Jeff Youngs, July 08, 2013
During the past week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued recalls for a small number of Chevrolet Volts and for a large number of Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep models. Listed below, in alphabetical order, are the details of each recall.

2012 Chevrolet Volt
Chevrolet is recalling four units of the 2012 Volt to resolve a braking problem. These four vehicles, manufactured between March 1, 2012, and April 17, 2012, require a new brake pressure modulator valve, which dealers will install at no cost to the vehicle owner.

Without this new component, the braking system may not relieve braking pressure from the front brakes if the anti-lock brakes, traction control, or the stability control systems engage. As a result, one or both of the front wheels will lock up and, depending on circumstances, this could result in a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash.

This recall begins July 12, 2013. General Motors has notified the four vehicle owners.

Chrysler Air Bag Recall
Chrysler Group is recalling 224,254 versions of the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country, 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan, and 2013 Ram C/V minivans to repair a software error that could cause improper air bag deployment.

In the affected vehicles, which were built between May 10, 2012, and June 7, 2013, the software could direct the side-impact air bags on the side of the vehicle opposite from the collision impact to deploy, rather than the side-impact air bags on the same side of the collision impact. If that happens, occupants face an increased risk of injury in a side-impact collision.

To repair the problem, dealers will re-program the occupant restraint control module at no cost to the vehicle owner. The recall will begin in August of 2013. Concerned owners can contact Chrysler at 1-800-247-9753, referencing Chrysler recall campaign number N44 or NHTSA campaign number 13V283000.

Chrysler Head Restraint Recall
In addition to recalling its minivans for an air bag deployment issue, Chrysler is asking owners of 442,481 vehicles to return to dealerships to correct a problem with their active head restraints. In the affected vehicles, electrical stress associated with a resistor in the occupant restraint control module may prevent the active head restraints from deploying in a rear-impact collision, increasing the risk of occupant injury.

The affected models include:

To resolve the problem, dealers will either reprogram the vehicle's Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) or replace the occupant restraint control module, at no cost to the vehicle owner. The recall starts in August of 2013. Owners can call Chrysler at 1-800-247-9753, referencing Chrysler recall campaign number N38 or NHTSA campaign number 13V282000.

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