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Hybrid Car Primer & Fun Facts

Hybrid Car Primer & Fun Facts

By Jeff Youngs, December 31, 2011
Innovatively combining the best of combustion and electric propulsion, hybrid vehicles are a new option that might revolutionize fuel-efficient transportation. Here are 10 fascinating facts about hybrid cars:
  • The world's first hybrid vehicle, the "Mixte,' was built by Ferdinand Porsche (founder of Porsche) in 1902 more than a century ago.
  • Hybrids are generally more fuel efficient than diesel- and gasoline-powered vehicles some hybrids deliver more than 50 mpg in a city driving cycle.
  • Generally speaking, hybrids produce up to 90 percent fewer pollutants compared to a traditional combustion-engine vehicle.
  • There is no need to plug in a hybrid car because a small combustion engine generates electricity for the vehicle if the battery is discharged.
  • Extensive warranties cover many components on hybrids for much longer than they would on a traditional combustion vehicle.
  • Hybrids are not a fad. Nearly every automaker, from Chevrolet and Honda to Rolls-Royce and Ferrari, either has or has announced a hybrid program.
  • Environmentalists aren't the only ones who appreciate hybrids they are also used for commercial purposes and by some public municipalities.
  • The U.S. government offers rebates and incentives for hybrids, meaning they are often less expensive than people think.
  • Hybrid cars depreciate at a slower rate than combustion-only vehicles, meaning they could be a better financial investment in some cases.
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