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J.D. Power Announces Dealer of Excellence Program

J.D. Power Announces Dealer of Excellence Program

By Joseph Dobrian, October 12, 2016
J.D. Power has announced the launching of the J.D. Power Dealer of Excellence ProgramSM to recognize car dealerships that provide an exceptional customer experience. This exclusive program reflects the commitment and dedication of select retailers to providing their customers with a purchase experience that lives up to, or exceeds, today’s consumer expectations. It also gives certified dealers an extra marketing tool with which to position themselves as reputable, reliable companies.

“The Dealer of Excellence Program will assist car buyers who are looking for an exceptional dealership where they can confidently buy a vehicle,” said Chris Sutton, vice president of automotive retail for J.D. Power. “Certified dealers will also benefit by leveraging the J.D. Power brand and promoting their dealership’s commitment to an outstanding customer purchase experience—with the intent of increasing showroom traffic and selling more cars.”

To qualify for a Dealer of Excellence certification, it will help if the dealer sells a top-performing brand of vehicle. J.D. Power limits the percentage of eligible dealerships by nameplate, based on each brand’s performance in the most recent J.D. Power U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study.SM Thus, proportionally more dealerships from top-performing brands can become J.D. Power Dealers of Excellence.

Regardless of brand, vehicle dealers who qualify for the Dealer of Excellence certification must rank among their brand’s top performers in key customer satisfaction areas consistent with measurements found in the SSI Study. They must also pass an in-dealership sales process verification and show they meet or exceed J.D. Power sales best practices. Those best practices include:
  • Listing vehicle inventory and pricing on the dealership website
  • Negotiating in an efficient and transparent manner
  • Offering a fair trade-in value
  • Presenting a clear and easy-to-understand F&I product menu

A certified Dealer of Excellence dealership is permitted to market its achievement for 12 months, with marketing tools such as a J.D. Power Dealer of Excellence trophy, online marketing collateral, and in-store merchandise displays. Certified dealerships also will be listed on, so consumers can find the most highly regarded dealers of a specific brand, in their market.

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