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Sprint Velocity Designed for Simple and Safe Connected Driving

Sprint Velocity Designed for Simple and Safe Connected Driving

By Jeff Youngs, December 06, 2012
When the 2013 SRT Viper starts rolling out of showrooms, it will offer more than just blistering world-class performance. The new Viper, as well as the 2013 Ram pickup truck, can be equipped with new Uconnect Access technology, which Chrysler developed in partnership with Sprint in order to design a simple, smart, and safe connected driving experience.

Using Sprint Velocity technology, Uconnect Access is an embedded connectivity solution that does not require pairing with a smartphone to work. Just as a customer who owns a smartphone might also have a tablet equipped with individual Wi-Fi service and loaded with unique applications, Uconnect Access is a separate technology from a vehicle owner's smartphone or tablet, and is compatible with iOS and Android platforms. Chrysler offers Uconnect Access free during an initial trial period, with a monthly subscription service incurred thereafter.

Initially, Ram and Viper buyers who select Uconnect Access will set up the service with dealer assistance, but future iterations will allow the system to sync with the car owner's smartphone to replicate the phone's setup. Vehicle owners with Sprint Android phones can also use a Sprint Drive First program to help keep teenage drivers safe behind the wheel by directing callers to voicemail and issuing a standardized text message response whenever the vehicle is traveling at a speed higher than 10 mph. Sprint also says that its technology platform will eventually provide a geo-fence around the driver and allow other vehicle occupants to surf the Internet, watch YouTube videos and more while the vehicle is underway, though Chrysler may not offer this service when the model first becomes available.

Unlike with some new technologies, which are either developed in-house or are off-the-shelf products from suppliers, Uconnect Access is the result of a partnership between Sprint and Chrysler, with the intent to create a custom product that can be tailored to specific global requirements. Within the partnership, Sprint served as an aggregator of the required technology and then as a mobile user interface consultant while the companies worked to design the desired solution.

When it comes to mobile-integrated connectivity solutions, Sprint says automakers want something simple, effective and safe. According to Sprint, Uconnect Access delivers on all counts.

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