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Just In Time, More Thorough Fuel-Economy Information

Just In Time, More Thorough Fuel-Economy Information

By Jeff Youngs, March 04, 2012
New-vehicle buyers are starting to get more help figuring out the actual fuel efficiency and cost of new vehicles. And this new information, based on revised federal window sticker standards, could be especially timely, with rising gasoline prices underscoring the importance of consumer understanding of the fuel economy a vehicle truly delivers.

According to federal mandate, all 2013 model vehicles will be required to carry the revised fuel-economy sticker, and some of those vehicles already are showing up at dealerships. Some 2012-model vehicles also carry the new stickers.

You can learn about the new rating scheme at, a U.S. government website. Among the details that are included on the new stickers:
  • A comparison of energy cost and use between electric cars and those with internal-combustion engines.

  • Estimates of fuel expenditures on a model over five years compared with a less-fuel-efficient vehicle.

  • An idea of how much fuel or electricity it takes to propel the vehicle 100 miles.

  • Ratings of models for emissions that may contribute to climate change, in both "Fuel Economy & Greenhouse Gas" and "Smog Rating" indicators.

Federal officials have touted the new stickers as providing crucial new information about a vehicle's fuel costs and savings so consumers can make more informed decisions when purchasing a new car.

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