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2015 Hyundai Genesis Gets Next-Generation Blue Link and Infotainment Systems

2015 Hyundai Genesis Gets Next-Generation Blue Link and Infotainment Systems

By Jeff Youngs,
In addition to the company's announcement that its redesigned 2015 Genesis Sedan will offer Google Glass integration, Hyundai announced several enhancements to its Blue Link telematics system, which will first appear in the all-new Genesis when it goes on sale in the spring of 2014, as well as next-generation infotainment system upgrades.

Genesis Intelligent Assistant App
The most significant of the changes for Hyundai's new luxury sedan is the Genesis Intelligent Assistant smartphone app. When in use, this new app gathers information from the vehicle, the owner's smartphone, and the Internet, sending the Genesis Sedan's owner proactive reminders, notifications, and recommendations and then deploying Blue Link features to execute specific tasks.

For example, if it is a hot or cold day, the Genesis Intelligent Assistant can remind the owner to remotely start the vehicle to warm or cool the interior before driving. If the car is nearing a required service, the Genesis Intelligent Assistant notifies the owner, who can then schedule an appointment right from the app. The Genesis Intelligent Assistant can also check the owner's smartphone calendar, and if traffic is heavy in advance of a normal departure time, can advise that the car's owner depart earlier to ensure an on-time arrival.

Next-Generation Blue Link Services
In addition to the Genesis Intelligent Assistant app, next-generation Blue Link services include Google-powered Destination Search capability, the ability to remotely time how long a car's engine should run when the Remote Start function is used, the ability to remotely operate the climate control system and the window defrosters, the ability to remotely stop the car's engine, and new emergency-contact e-mail and text messaging capability whenever the car's Automatic Collision Notification system or SOS Emergency Assistance button is activated.

Next-Generation Infotainment Systems
The 2015 Genesis Sedan also debuts Hyundai's next-generation infotainment technology. It features a customizable home screen, the ability to swipe the screen in similar fashion to a tablet computer or smartphone, and Siri Eyes Free mode when an iPhone is paired to the system. Owners will be able to store music, photos, and video right on the system's hard drive, and advanced voice-recognition technology will make it easier to execute hands-free operation. Pandora and SoundHound integration, SiriusXM Travel Link and Traffic, SD navigation, and more are also included.

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