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2012 Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

2012 Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

By Jeff Youngs, December 31, 2011
The most fuel-efficient vehicles defined by the EPA as those which use the least amount of fuel per mile is a group that includes sporty subcompacts, roomy hatchbacks, and luxury-oriented family sedans.
While most fuel-efficient cars are hybrids combining both a combustion and electric motor in the same vehicle recent advancements in gasoline engines have allowed non-hybrid (traditional vehicles powered solely by an internal combustion engine) vehicles to climb up the list.
We've deliberately excluded electric (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicles on this list, as those vehicles use electric motors and not traditional fuels.

1. 2012 Toyota Prius (EPA mpg rating: City 50/Highway 48/Combined 50)

2. 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid (EPA mpg rating: City 44/Highway 44/Combined 44)

3. 2012 Toyota Prius V (EPA mpg rating: City 44/Highway 40/Combined 42)

4. 2012 Lexus CT 200h (EPA mpg rating: City 43/Highway 40/Combined 42)

5. 2012 Honda Insight (EPA mpg rating: City 41/Highway 41/Combined 42)

6. 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE (EPA mpg rating: City 43/Highway 39/Combined 41)

7. 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid (EPA mpg rating: City 41/Highway 36/Combined 39)

8. 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (EPA mpg rating: City 41/Highway 36/Combined 39)

9. 2012 Scion iQ (EPA mpg rating: City 36/Highway 37/Combined 37)

10. 2012 Honda CR-Z (EPA mpg rating: City 35/Highway 39/Combined 37)

Not too many years ago, owning a mileage champ meant settling for an entry-level subcompact. Thankfully, with modern power train advances, choosing among the most fuel-efficient vehicles in 2012 has become a decision with few compromises.
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