An Abbreviation of the J.D. Power Millennials Insight Report

This on demand webcast provides insights from the largest accumulation of Millennial research ever presented: J.D. Power Millennials Insight Report: The Customer Experience Perspective, which captures data gathered from over 600,000 consumer responses pulled from J.D. Power customer satisfaction and brand loyalty surveys across 15 different industries. Learn how the Millennial generation is simultaneously very different from and–in some ways–very similar to other generations of U.S. consumers in order to help your team design a customer experience that meets their expectations, wants and needs.

This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. The full J.D. Power Millennials Insight Report is filled more with analysis and actionable insights to help companies best serve this generation that is growing in importance. It is available at no charge exclusively to J.D. Power benchmark study subscribers. Talk to our team today about how to become a client, and access the full report here >