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While brands can measure their Net Promoter Score (NPS) many struggle to interpret the underlining factors that lead to their final results: Why was their NPS high, low, or average? How do they improve? What does it mean in the context of the customer experience? For brands that want to translate their NPS into actionable insights, improve customer loyalty, and better understand the entire customer experience to drive positive financial results, they need to work with an unbiased 3rd party partner that understands their industry marketplace, has a history of robust research analysis and mastery in understanding the Voice of the Customer.

The Solution

The J.D. Power NPS® Analytics Package goes beyond the raw NPS data now offered in several J.D. Power Industry Benchmarks. With the J.D. Power NPS Analytics Package, we help brands more fully understand the drivers of the Net Promoter Score, and how those results fit within the framework of the overall customer experience. This package is ideal for organizations seeking
to acquire as many actionable insights related to our new Net Promoter Score benchmarks as possible.


Subscribers to NPS Analytics Package will receive the following:

An Analyst Briefing, which will include:

  • What is NPS?—A primer for new users
  • A Customer Satisfaction & NPS Debrief—Discover how NPS and the J.D. Power Customer Experience Index complement each other and drive new insights
  • Your NPS Performance—View your brand’s performance benchmarked against your competitors
  • Drivers of NPS—Understand what “moves the needle” on Net Promoter Score
  • Our Official Guide to Text Analytics and NPS integration—Draw new insights from customer verbatims

An NPS Case Study, with industry specific findings related to NPS

A Simulator, empowering brands to:

  • Model the impact of brand image, customer experience and key performance indicators on NPS. The simulator takes into account the impact of operational metrics (Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs) on the customer experience and NPS as well as the combined impact of brand image, customer experience and KPIs on NPS.
  • Help you set goals properly and plan accordingly. Our NPS simulator will help inform your NPS strategy by answering questions like “If I changed X driver by Y%, what would be the resulting improvement in NPS?”

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